Blog-tember: Day 6 – Currently


Day 6 of Blog-tember, ladies.

Well done! We’re going strong!

Have been totally amazed, in awe, really, at the creativity of you all and at how many eye-opening, heart-filling, joy-inducing, stories I’ve read from you all and how many inspiring women have joined in with Blog-tember. Thank you Bailey Jean: you’ve done something amazing.

Day 6’s challenge:

A “currently…” post. Tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc.

I’ve borrowed Bailey Jean’s list. Here goes:

Reading blogs mainly, although I’m mid-way through Anna Karenina which has me well and truly in its grip (how have I not read this before?!). It’s keeping me up way past my bedtime and calling me whenever I have a free minute. Someone send me on holiday already so I can delve in to this book properly please! I’m doing it a disservice by only reading it in five minute snippets during the day. Tolstoy was not meant to be read ‘Twitter style’!

Watching my children adapt and grow. Our situation is hard, very hard, but we’re all adjusting. I’ve been in awe of their resilience, of the happiness they live, each and every day, despite the hurt that’s always present. They’re an inspiration to me, models of grace and endurance. [Will stop there, on this one, as the tears are flowing].

Trying to be better. A better Helen. A better Mama. Whilst trying to enjoy anything and everything. I always thought ‘try’ was such a bountiful, circular, word, as it embodies endless possibilities. You have to try with an open mind because trying inevitably leads to (some) failures. If you don’t learn from those failures, then you’re not trying hard enough! And so on and so forth…

Eating very little, to be honest. Paraphrasing an image I saw – on Pinterest! – “A mother is a person who, seeing there are only two pieces of pie for three people, promptly announces she never did care for pie”…

Pinning manically and schizophrenically! One moment it’s inspirational quotes, the next it’s DIY home projects, the next it’s blogging advice, the next it’s well, anything beautiful that catches my eye! How can someone pin 100 pins a day? (I mean, I know they can, because I do it, but am I some sort of lone Pinterest freak? Or do you all Pin like crazy Pinners too?) What did we all do before Pinterest?

Tweeting – I’m not a Tweeter. The mechanics/implications of it scares me more than anything. I’m also really put off by social media things I don’t understand (probably about the only person alive who doesn’t use FB). Any good tutorials out there for how to use Twitter, anyone? Or am I being Twitter-phobic for no just reason and it’s actually really easy to use? I’m a lifelong Mac user and if anything’s harder than a Mac to use, I buckle. So, instead of ‘Tweeting’, I’m substituting:

Laughing at life, in all it’s tortured glory, whilst sticking two fingers up at all the crap we’ve lived through. Begone, past, begone! Away with you and never darken our door again!

Going to go for a run now. Just me and the open road. My time to think and plan and feel alive. I love it when I’m out of breath, when my body’s screaming ‘Stop! Please just stoooooop!’ and then my mind kicks it in to shape and – whooom! – a whoosh of energy kicks in and I’m good for another 2K. Nothing beats that feeling.

Loving all of the ladies I’ve ‘met’ through Blog-tember. You’re a wonderful, wonderful bunch. I’ve been so uplifted and inspired by you all. Thank you for sharing of yourselves so generously xx

Discovering Rumi. Wow. “That guy was some wise Dude!”

Enjoying snatching bits of plants from gardens as we go for our evening walk, to plant in our house. I know I shouldn’t do it but I can’t help myself. Literally can’t help myself. I think it’s something I’ve inherited from my Gran. She had plants from all over the world in her garden/house (yep, she did smuggle them through customs at airports, usually wrapped in her luggage; yep, we all told her she could be carrying some sort of invasive plague with her). The vast majority of her garden she’d grown from a tiny bit of the mother plant (what do you call that? It’s not a shoot?!) after she’d whipped it off as she walked past. She had the greenest fingers, my Gran. When I see these little plants that will become even more beautiful, here in our home, I think of her, with a smile from right down, very deep, inside and I feel her with me. [Love you, Gran xx]

Thinking that I’m going to do some painting with my daughter this afternoon. She loves it. She’s always creating. She sits there, at their little table, for hours, singing along as she paints or draws or colours. I could, literally, sit and watch her for hours. It’s a perfect happiness.

Feeling like I’m on the cusp of something great. As I just learned that Rumi wrote, “When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near truth”. May the heavens bless you, Rumi, for your incredible wisdom.

Hoping that my body keeps apace with my mind during these troubling times and doesn’t decide to crumple. I’m eating as well as I can and running every day. Fingers – and toes – crossed everything behaves itself! What do single mothers do if they’re ever ill? Just never get ill by sheer force of will so they can maintain the daily – hourly – balancing act? [Note to body: don’t you even dare think of letting me down, OK? You and me are a team. A team, get it?!!]

Listening to all types of music I’ve never listened to before as my 8-year old has discovered music and has become a Spotify addict (within the bounds of his 45 minutes a day screen time). Who knew Pitbull was so cool?! And Pherrell, Happy guy? “THANK YOU”.

Thanking the Universe that I was born, that I’m alive, that I’m healthy; for my children, for their health, for the ray of sunlight that’s gracing my desk as I type. For every goddam single thing that’s true. Thank you, life.

Starting to think that I’ll continue with this blogging lark once Blog-tember’s over. I love the discipline/exercise of writing a blog post a day. It’s been completely eye-opening in so many ways. But I’m thinking it’s only going to work if I have a set plan and can stick to it (writing and scheduling posts in advance when the muse hits, so it’s not just crap that I’m putting out there). Must get my thinking cap on and see how I can enable myself to continue to blog. I’ve got a million ideas for posts but my thinking is a bit all over the place at the moment. “A dream is only ever a dream without a plan, darling” as my Mum says (and probably someone else, someone famous, before her!)



16 thoughts on “Blog-tember: Day 6 – Currently

  1. Just read your about me 🙂 admiring you. I know how hard it is to escape circumstances such as yours. I work as a social worker and i have many clients that feel trapped. Brava, dear friend. Your survivor story is inspiring others.


    • Helen says:

      Hi, so thankful for your comment. I hope, have vision that, this space could serve as a community for survivors. Loving the connection we’ve made xxx


  2. Reta Jayne says:

    Helen, you have such a knack of putting a positive spin on things. . . You have given me A LOT to think about, but I will only comment on one thing: PLEASE DO continue to blog even when this challenge is over. It has been tremendously therapeutic for me! I know you’re an entirely different person, but I’d like to think that it could do the same for you.Sure, make a plan & set a schedule & do your best to stick with it — but remember that, first & foremost, it is intended to be FUN & a healthy outlet for yourself & a way to connect with others (many whom you wouldn’t have had the chance to “meet” if it weren’t for the blogosphere). I am SO glad I’ve been fortunate enough to “meet” you through this challenge!


    • Helen says:

      Hia, thank you for your comment! Yes, I’m going to continue – have decided – but to make it fun I’m going to have to plan (don’t have much spare time and cannot add another thing to my life that might become a future source of stress). Totally agree about the connection aspect – have ‘met’ so many wonderful people just through Blog-tember! And they’ve all given me a great deal of food for thought. It’s been so inspiring! Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lizelle says:

    Haha i think someone did say it before her, someone in a vintage movie but oh well it served its purpose through your mom and got to you. Ah sending you big hugs via wifi! May you stay healthy and happy, fed and most importantly satisfied! I know the notion of being sick as a single mom is scary but i believe in the super powers of motherhood as often as i’ve seen it in action (and let me tell ya i have seen some things!) ou will do it if you have to but i do hope you wont have to…fingers crossed!

    I love that quote about the pie btw! As so true so true.

    Really glad to have met you as well ❤ Stay strong.


  4. Chelsea says:

    I just love your writing style, poetic and happy yet truthful. I will join you as the second other person in the world who has never had Facebook! Not a big social media fan, and starting my blog was WAY outs my comfort zone! Thanks so much for all your kind comments by the way, just made my morning!!


  5. gracelles says:

    I’ve read Anna Karenina too and loved the book! I’m completely obsessed with novels that carry Russian/Tsar background. You should check out the books by his wife Sofia Tolstoya, they are a good read too!



    • iwillbloom says:

      Thank you for your comment: I hopped over to your blog and loved the comment about stereotypes. I could write reams on it, but won’t: just to say that I loved your post. [And I will check out Sofia’s books: thank you!]


  6. Liane says:

    You have two amazing quotes in this post and both of them made me smile..
    “A mother is a person who, seeing there are only two pieces of pie for three people, promptly announces she never did care for pie”…


    “A dream is only ever a dream without a plan, darling”

    I’m going to print your Mum’s quote out and stick it on my wall where I can see it everyday! Thank you x


  7. charlotte says:

    Oh please continue blogging!! There is something so wonderfully refreshing and down to earth about your posts! They are a joy to read 🙂


    • Helen says:

      Hey you…I am going to! Just need to figure out mechanics/logistics of it….xxx Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your lovely comment (and your beautiful blog!) xxx


  8. I hope you count your own work among the awesome blogs being posted for blog-tember. Your posts are so refreshingly honest and uplifting, I am in awe of you positivity!


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