Sunday Ponderings No. 1

Hi all!

I collect things I find online, things that uplift me or make me think, and I think some of you might love them too, so I’m going to do a little series – ‘Sunday ponderings’ to share a few of them each week.

Why Sunday and why ‘ponderings’? Because hopefully they’ll make you smile, make you think, make you reflect and, through this, uplift you. We all need a bit of uplifting to give us a spring in our step, amiright or amiwrong?! And what better day than a Sunday when we’re reflecting on the past week and hoping for a better, greater, week ahead?!

So, here goes:

1. This video. It gets interesting from 1:36 in. The day I saw it, I cried away – in great, gushing, snotty floods – the last bits of misery and self-pity I had inside me.

2. This dress at that time…perfect. My first thought? ‘OMG, you can see her nipples! She didn’t, did she? She couldn’t have’. Second thought, ‘What a perfect body!’. Third thought ‘Atta girl! You got it, you flaunt it. Ain’t nothing there worth hiding anyway’. And, since then, I have a copy of one the photos on my bathroom mirror. Every time I’m tempted to not make the effort with my appearance, because part of me just goes ‘Aggh, I can’t be bothered’, I spy her smile of contentment at all she is and it whips me in to shape. I could die tomorrow, any of us could. I’m damned if I’m not going to look my best today. Thanks, Rihanna. [BTW, the link contains one of the best lines I’ve read on the internet for a long time! The last line! Too funny!]

3. This talk from Isabelle Allende. “It’s great to let go”, she says, “I should have done it sooner”.

4. This article from zenhabits – I know, when I reflect on my life, that I spent many years completely out of tune with my body. I know, now, that every time I’m even a little bit stressed or anxious, if I just keep breathing, just keep breathing (I always imagine Dory!), it helps. Enormously.

I hope – I really hope – you’ll find something to take away from some/all of these and that it makes your step that little bit more springy and your life that little more joyous (even if only momentarily!) .



4 thoughts on “Sunday Ponderings No. 1

  1. i love Ted Talks!!!! thanks for sharing this one! here’s one i think you would like. and it hit the head on the nail, especially about vulnerability 🙂 enjoy !


    • iwillbloom says:

      I love Brene Brown and hadn’t seen this talk of hers, which looks very interesting! I will listen to it as I’m cooking lunch tomorrow. Thank you!


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