Blog-tember: Day 11 – Inspiration


Another juicy challenge today for Blog-tember!

How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you the most?

Ah, inspiration. That elusive beast! It comes fast and furious then disappears quicker than it arrived. Too often before it left anything meaningful in its wake, the sneak.

But things that are guaranteed to inspire inspiration in me?

My children, 8 and 4. Loves of my life. Wind in my sails. All round amazing pride-making human beings. I love them so much I think my heart will swell and burst out of my chest, at least a hundred times a day. Probably more. Recent chest-bursting episodes include my daughter’s first dance class (be still my beating heart! Those chubby legs in those cute tights!); my son’s drawings and the peace he finds when he loses himself in creating them; my (4 year old) daughter going silently in to the kitchen, dragging a chair behind her, “To help you wash the pots, Mama, you looked tired”; my son’s tight hugs as we laugh at our greeting as he comes home from school (Inspector Clouseau/Cato type moves as he gets out the lift)…and on and on in one glorious inspirational ride.

Anyone who’s got that glint in their eye because they’re where they want to be, doing what they want to do. They’re in on the secret, man, and it must feel good.

I want part of that.

Cor, the list could go on and on, honestly. I feel so open to anything and everything at the moment, I literally feel the energy rippling through me, under my skin. I read something and it fires a million ideas. I watch something, it triggers a memory that then makes me want to write. I hear a song, it makes me want to dance (and I’m not normally a spontaneous dancer). I meet someone in the street and they say something that just lights me up. I itch, literally itch, for creating at the moment.

I’ve got notebooks all over the house, each with their own pen.

I scribble. I write. I expand.

I think this must be what some people call the beginning of ‘flow’.

I must harness it before it runs away.

It’s precious and is destined for great things.


[P.S. I’ve decided to do a series – ‘Sunday ponderings’ – on Sundays, wouldn’t ya know! – it’s a space for some of the things that have caught my eye as I browse the web, because they’ve made me smile or think or laugh or cry (in a good way) or – joy of joys! – made me do all four at once. The first one is here. Hope you’ll find something you can take away somewhere, somehow, from the series! See you on Sunday for the next instalment!]

10 thoughts on “Blog-tember: Day 11 – Inspiration

  1. Children really are so inspiring, I teach kindergarten so I could picture these examples perfectly! Yesterday I spent an hour playing firetrucks, climbing invisible ladders to rescue people from the roof and left work feeling so inspired. They just give themselves so fully to an idea, something we somehow have to fight to do as adults.


  2. Liane says:

    My children are such a source of inspiration for me too. Their innocence is amazing.

    Love the idea of Sunday Ponderings! You should make it a link up. I’d definitely join in 🙂


  3. How incredibly beautiful! I’m so in love with this. They DO have the secret, and I want in on that too! You’re awesome, and I’m so glad to have found you. And yes, harness away girl, I want to see more! ~Jenna


  4. Zoe says:

    Loved this. Aren’t kids the best things on the planet? They have no idea how much their simple words of love and encouragement mean to us.


  5. Chelsea says:

    Another amazing post, you just keep bringing them and I love it! Looking forward to Sundays pondering and hoping for a bit of you extra inspiration:)


  6. Sherisse says:

    My favourite line in the whole post “All round amazing pride-making human beings”. What a great way to view your children! I love the honesty in your writing, you are a resilient woman!


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