Blog-tember: Day 17 – vlog day!

Oh my goodness, the one we’ve (perhaps?!) all been dreading…the ‘most difficult’ one of all the Blog-tember challenges:

Be brave: make a vlog!

I’m cheating. I’m going to use an excuse (something I rarely do in my life) but I don’t, I really don’t, know how to make/edit/upload a vlog.

Yes, I could have made the effort to try and learn and get something together in time to put one out there for this prompt, but I decided it didn’t feel right for me at this point and, so, I’m not posting a vlog.

[I also have to admit that I’ve never actually seen a good vlog that’s not been a tutorial or something instructional – Charlotte’s singing aside! – so I was at a bit of a loss to know even what topic to approach…]

So, I’m posting this marvel of marvels. I’m awestruck every time I watch it.

Seeing him perform live is on my ’40 after 40′ list.


One thought on “Blog-tember: Day 17 – vlog day!

  1. charlotte says:

    I would like people to give me some questions I could answer for today’s prompt, care to oblige?


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