Blog-tember: Day 19 – Advice

Day 19 of Blog-tember and its a juicy prompt today!

If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

It couldn’t just be one piece: I’m too verbose!

I’d tell them that Rock Bottom is an amazing place, the best place, that Rock Bottom is where you’ll find the power and beauty of your true self, because you’ve no other choice but to believe in yourself if you want to move the hell out of there. I’d tell them that only when you’re well and truly lost will you find true yourself. I’d tell them not to be afraid of failing, because fear is over-rated. Fear’s a mythical beast that stops you doing what you really want to do, that tells you falsehoods and lies so you stay in your comfort zone. I’d tell them that the comfort zone is bullshit. The Comfort Zone keeps people content but that, honestly, crazy happy is what they should aim for. That crazy kind of happy that makes you do things you never thought possible, to take risks you wouldn’t normally take. The crazy kind of fearlessness that makes you take that leap of faith that will inspire you on to much bigger, greater, things. I’d tell them that comfortable is shit. Worse than shit. That you should aim beyond comfort, to your dreams. So what if you fail? WTF if you fail? You’ll have learnt so many, many things that failure will feel greater than any shitty ‘comfort’ you had before. That once you take one bold action, it’ll make you thirsty for more so you’ll never ‘settle’ again. I’d tell them, more than anything, that life is short. That they might get knocked down tomorrow, that they might not be here tomorrow. I’d shake them until they understood that, until they understood that deep enough that it called them to action. I’d ask them what it is they want to do with their lives and I’d sit down with them, look them square in the eyes, and tell them that if they don’t take actions to make that happen starting today then it won’t ever happen. And that they’ll regret it if they don’t do those things in their lives. That regret is a horrible thing to have on a death bed. That they should, instead, take one deep breath, put their life in perspective, knock fear in the face and take an action to make their dreams happen. Dreams aren’t any good if they don’t come true. I’d tell them that I’ve been at Rock Bottom, that it was so good there, in so many ways. I learnt a ton of useful stuff at Rock Bottom. It’s not scary, it’s the most motivational place there is. I’d end by telling them that they’re luckier than the vast majority of people alive today and that if nothing else that should make them – in shame – get off their butts and do something to better their own lives and, as a result, better the lives of others. I’d tell them to stop using fear as an excuse to be selfish and live a small life. I’d tell them that the world needs their beauty, their talents and their perspective. It’s unique and meant for greatness. I’d tell them to unleash that greatness. It’s selfish not to. I’d tell them to listen to their intuition and to trust her. She’s rooting for you and knows you better than you even know yourself….she’s you, why would you not trust her to guide you to be all you can be?


9 thoughts on “Blog-tember: Day 19 – Advice

  1. Lily Grace says:

    Good advice, I totally agree with you about the “so what if you fail” people care too much about fail when they should just take a step back and see what they have learned and what they would do differently.



  2. Danielle says:

    If you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never experience the world. You’ll miss out on a lot of good things around you. So explore and enjoy life. Great advice as always. You never cease to amaze me! xx


  3. Liane says:

    Oops! Posted that too soon! Meant to say ‘Amazing!’

    Can you come and be my life coach? lol 🙂


  4. Lizelle says:

    haha seriously you’d make a dang good life coach!
    Fear is an agent of the enemy.
    So many people use fear and a host of other things as an excuse to live a small life. I love the way you put that Helen!


  5. I got chills! Rock Bottom is such a beautiful place and it certainly lights that fire under your ass. I totally get you girl.


  6. Melissa says:

    Something my son needs to read!


  7. Kristina says:

    This touched me: “I’d tell them to stop using fear as an excuse to be selfish and live a small life.”


  8. Britney says:

    i need to read this everyday.
    i want to cry. i’m living my life too small. i’m not doing enough.


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