Blog-tember: Day 20 – Day in the Life

Day 20 of Blog-tember, ladies. We’re doing good! Today’s prompt is:

Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

This is our ordinary – beautiful – life at the moment.

0430: Wake up. Meditate for 30 minutes. [I read something the other day that helped me process a dilemma I was having – it said, “Praying is talking to God, meditation is listening to God”…now I feel I can go ahead with both and not be treading on either God- or Buddha’s – toes!]

0500: Write for 30 minutes: not ‘work writing’ – my ‘fiction’. Wish I could do it for longer, but I can’t, sadly [One day all those words in my head will be unleashed!!! Beware world, she’s almost coming!]

0530: Check emails for 30 minutes – erase all the crap first then reply in order of priority. Mark any read but unattended to emails so I can reply to them later. [..’later’, that sneak of a word that lulls you in to a false sense of security! I much prefer ‘now’ or ‘done’: you know exactly where you stand with those kind of words].

0600: Wake up the littles (oh, those, sleepy angelic faces and warm little bodies!). Get them in the shower. Get breakfast ready whilst they’re in the shower. [How do Mums manage to cook breakfast, iron a uniform, find a ‘misplaced’ library book, call a taxi, speak to their Mum and organise a VC for later in the day, all within the space of 10-15 minutes? We are MAGIC, ladies, MAGIC!!]

0615-0640: Breakfast [Yum! Best meal of the day!]

0640-0650: Teeth cleaning/shoe putting on/mad rush out the door for school/nursery [This is one of the funniest stand-up routines I’ve seen about the ‘leaving the house’ nightmare – DO look, it is really funny!]

0710: Leave my son at school [He’s at that stage where he’s not giving me kisses any more…can feel a blog post coming about that ;)]

0710-0740: Library at my son’s school: my daughter and I nip in and read a few books together [She loves this time together but, I must confess, I think I love it more than she does!]

0740-0800: Walk my daughter to nursery (it’s one block from my son’s school) [Love, love, love, this little walk; she’s taken to howling at the dogs we pass, who then howl back at her. Her giggles are so contagious!]

0800-0900: Run home, get home, ‘rush wash’ the pots and ‘rush tidy’ the house. [Yep, another series of MAGIC MUM MOMENTS! How do we make time expand in this manner, to be able to do so many things in so little time??!! Quantum physicists should study us!]

0900-0915: Shower/beautifying! [Yeah right, as if I ever take 15 minutes to do this!]

0915-1230: Work [I only wish I had MAGIC WORK MOMENTS too! Some time-bending skills would be just the ticket most days!]

1230: Start preparing lunch [I like to think I’m Jamie Oliver in the kitchen but, sadly, am not…a girl can dream, right?!]

1245: My daughter arrives home. She always bursts out of the bus, jumping in to my arms, as happy as Larry. It’s beautiful to see her so radiant! [This is one of the highlights of my day!]

1245-1400: Myself and my daughter eat lunch and then craft/paint/play/cook (whatever she’s feeling like doing) [Love this time together! Thank you Pinterest for your instant idea generation capacities!]

1400: My son arrives home. He doesn’t like me to get him off the bus, he likes to come upstairs himself (we live in an apartment), so I wait for him outside the lift or hide somewhere and we do this thing where we pretend to scare each other (he snook up on me by coming silently up the stairs the other day while I was waiting for him, on my knees, in front of the lift, ready to scare him. He jumped on my back and scared me half to death!!!). [This is another of my favourite moments – there’s nothing like having them back in the house and hearing all their noise and arguments and laughter and giggles!]

1400-1430: Lunch for my son. I accompany him with a cup of tea and slice of cake or some biscuits. My daughter usually grabs the dessert and runs off to her room to play with her dolls. [He’ll tell me about his day, with a little prodding and prompting. Love that he’s getting to the age where he’s so much more independent but still a little unsure of himself. I’m starting to see the man he’ll become and it makes me a very proud MAGIC Mum!]

Afternoon: We take a trip out or we stay in and play/make something/paint/read or one of their friends come over (whatever they feel like). Two afternoons a week my son has football practice and my daughter has dance practice. [How cute can a four year old, chubby-legged girl be in ballet tights and a tutu? It’s not humanly possible, literally, not to want to squeeze those legs and those chubby cheeks so, so hard!]

1730: We eat supper, all together. It’s my favourite time of day. [Ah, ordinary, beautiful life, I love you. I love you in all your infuriatingly busy-ness and craziness and f*ed-up-ness]

1800-1830: Wind down time. We read, do craft or art. Homework for my son if there is any. They might watch a film (on an inflatable mattress we have that we drag in front of the telly. Always with popcorn – it’s a favourite of theirs!) [I have to confess that Disney films are one of the things that have helped me keep my sanity over the last few months…all of them, that is, except The Hunchback of Notre Dam: that one almost made me have a breakdown – why on Earth were they so very, very cruel to the poor Hunchback? That Disney film has been veto-ed in our house]

1900: Snack before bed. Wash dinner pots and prepare lunch boxes/flasks and rucksacks. [Oh, how I love packing lunch boxes. Something so satisfying about it, knowing you’re making them something that will nourish them, that you’re caring for them even when you’re not physically there].

1930: Shower time. Story time. ‘Wind down for bed’ time. [When I write ‘Wind down’, it’s usually not very ‘wind down’-like: my son is football crazy at the moment, so we usually end up having a kick around…not the most relaxing thing ever, but he’s not going to be eight forever, unfortunately!]

2000: Littles are asleep [A real magic moment: watching them for a few moments, wishing them all the love and goodness in the world. They never seem so fragile as in that moment when they’ve just fallen asleep]

2015-2200: Work. [Yeah, weird Dr. Who-like time-bending strategies aren’t available so I do the best I can with the time I have…it’s not everything I’d like it to be, but it’s something and as someone once said, “Start where you are…use what you have…do what you can”]

2200ish: Reply to emails I didn’t reply to in the morning. [Note to self: I need a new strategy to deal with emails…how the hell do people find time to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn and whatever else?? I can barely keep up with my emails!]

2215ish: Meditation for 15 minutes. [Delicious]

2230-2245: Sleep for me! [I will confess that, at least twice a week, I fall asleep with the littles and wake up around 11pm to climb in to my own bed, dog tired!].

And that’s it. A pretty typical day of a pretty extraordinary life, because all lives are extraordinary [Anyone who points out that, actually, Beyonce has a pretty extraordinary life, and not little old me, I will challenge you to a duel at dawn: I’m doing what I can, where I am, with what I have and, for me, at this point in time, that’s pretty damn extraordinary. Single Mums rule, OK!].


10 thoughts on “Blog-tember: Day 20 – Day in the Life

  1. You are a fabulous mom! I can’t wait to be a mom 🙂 I love how you cherish the moments with your little ones. Also have you seen the movie, “Moms Night Out” I saw it last night and it made me think about how much work parenting is but also what a gift it is.


  2. Lizelle says:

    Seems extravagant to me, that mom magic aint no joke! (I once wrote a poem for my mother and called it my genie cause shw’s just so dang magic at making things happen!) Ah these blog posts from you lovin’ mommas are not helping my raging ovaries lol The day goes by so quickly when one looks back at it. Your life seems well full of love to me, A life I hope to have someday, with wonderful kids and meals together


    • iwillbloom says:

      I love your genie idea! Would love to see that poem! And, yes, days go by too, too quickly, unfortunately 😦


      • Lizelle says:

        I might have to send you a copy of the book I’m publishing then! (I can see a care package in our future 😉 haha)
        I forgot to mention as it has to do with meditation I can’t see any way to step on toes…I love the way you put it though! For i do believe one MUST have quiet the meditative mine to truly listen to the Lord, so many of us would likely benefit more if we sit and let ourselves be still in His voice…

        I’m not good at meditation though! Can’t quite myself, it’s a problem -.-

        By the way have you read Eat. Pray. Love? This talk of meditation ad hearing God reminds me of it..


  3. Chelsea says:

    You are a strong fabulous mom. Your littles are so blessed to have you! So impressive how you manage it all, and get up at four am- your a serious superstar!


  4. I am always in awe of parents at work- It’s all I can do to get myself ready and there on time each day, I don’t know how parents get their kiddos AND themselves ready. Just thinking about the work of being a parent exhausts me- and doing it alone with no one to help out- I can’t even fathom that! You absolutely are extraordinary! I love that you carve out time to meditate each day- that’s something I know I need to work on, but I just love bed!!


  5. Danielle says:

    What a lovely day!! I need to learn how to do something like this cause for us, we’re all over the place and I only have one kid ( I sometimes feel that I have two because my partner acts like a kid sometimes). And Yes, I always figure out how other people keep up with every social media plus emails plus other stuff. I’m going crazy over it.


  6. heyjude6119 says:

    You fit an enormous amount of activity and love in every day. Go you!!


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