Blog-tember: Day 23 – City guide

Day 23, ladies, day 23! Oh, the agony! I don’t want it to end!

Today’s prompt:

A guide to your city! Share some of the hot-spots and hidden gems of where you live

OK. I’m not going to do a post on where I live because, as someone I know once wrote, “I would say it is a city with few attractions, an unpleasant climate with little green space to escape the infernal heat indoors. Combined with permanent high levels of violence and inability to visit much of the country nearby…makes it one of the worst places to have a family.  If – I can’t – I could speak Russian, I would rather spend summer in Siberia.  (Not fair to Siberia I know)”. Yep, it is – pretty much – that bad.

So, in tune with my optimistic persona, I’m going to write about somewhere I have lived, and loved, and still love. Will always be in love with.

I present to you, readers….



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Oxford, Oxford, Oxford. Centuries of history. Hundreds of Nobel Prize winners have graced its streets. Most of the UK’s Prime Ministers. All the world’s most cherished musicians have played, or had their music performed, there. Art movements have been launched there. Symphonies composed there. Presidents educated there….You get the picture!

You feel the history and brilliance as you walk around: it can be daunting but it’s always exhilarating because Oxford is so beautiful with so much to do and see. There’s never a dull moment.

Highlights? The Bodleian Library (the world’s oldest copyright library). Christ Church College (yes, it’s where Harry Potter was filmed!). Christ Church Meadow (it’s said to be where Lewis Carroll found his muse for Alice in Wonderland). Port Meadow. The banks of the Isis. The view from the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. The Covered Market (a marketplace for over two centuries, full to the brim with amazingly creative independent retailers). The Radcliffe Camera. The Ashmolean. The Pitt Rivers Museum (all shrunken heads and totem poles!). The University Parks. Coffee and walnut cake (or any cake for that matter!) in The Nosebag. Blackwells (hours and hours and hours of delight for bibliophiles). Buffet lunch at The Thai Orchid. The Natural History Museum. Christ Church Picture Gallery. A craft beer at The Turl. A glass of Young’s Chocolate Ale at the Angel and Greyhound. A walk across the meadow to The Trout (and a decidedly stumbl-y walk back afterwards). High tea in The Randolph. Evensong at Christ Church. A piece of tiffin from the Alternative Tuck Shop on Turl Street. Punting down the river. Open air theatre on the meadow. Morris dancers on May Morning. Being able to eat your way through world cuisine on the Cowley Road. A beer in the Eagle and Child (watering hole of Tolkein and C.S. Lewis)….and more and more and more…

Oh Oxford, oh how I miss you. You made me feel alive every single day.


7 thoughts on “Blog-tember: Day 23 – City guide

  1. Julie says:

    Oh I would LOVE to go to England one day! It’s one of the places that I always wanted to go.


  2. Lizelle says:

    Ah you’re killing me with this wonderfulness. So many dreams of that beautiful country…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh! I want to go so bad!!! I want to go to the Bodleian Library! The craft beer sounds like it’s super good. This whole place sounds lovely and magical. Makes me want to travel. I’m saving all my credit card points for travel but it is slow going.


  4. Leslie says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit England. I’d love to catch a soccer game there. That’d be amazing!I would definitely have to visit the library. Happy Tuesday!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Zoe Rose says:

    We’ve just moved to Oxfordshire (Chinnor) but I’ve never been to Oxford itself! Looks like we will have to go and explore soon. Just found your blog via Inside Charlotte’s mind, I’m loving reading through all your posts 🙂


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