Blog-tember: Day 30 – Farewell Coffee

We’ve done it, ladies. We blogged for 30 days straight!

Bailey Jean invites us, today, to have:

A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breath, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies. If you’d like a prompt: how did the Blog-tember challenge go for you? Any surprises? What was your favorite prompt, or what would you like to see included next time?

If we were having coffee this morning, well, I wouldn’t be having coffee, I’d be having tea…but, seriously…

If we were having coffee this morning:

First of all, I’d say thanks to Bailey Jean. Her prompts were so thought-provoking and enticing! She created something truly wonderful and I can’t say enough thanks to her….I’ll be really sad to see Blog-tember go but will be looking forward to next year’s round (or any other link-ups she hosts!)…

Then I’d tell you that I met a lot of wonderful, wonderful, ladies through Blog-tember […you all know who you are!] I’d tell you that they’re all amazing, inspirational, people and that I’ve learnt a great deal from them in such a short space of time, and that I look forward to our ‘blog friendships’ blossoming…

I’d tell you about this amazing post from Rachel: that it blew my mind, both for the sheer brilliance of the idea and the quality of the writing. I’d tell you that I’ve tried to implement the main idea – giving more than you can spare – in our daily lives. I’d also tell you that I’m looking forward to Kim’s Kindness Counts Fridays link-up and that I’m so excited about it, I’ve already scheduled my post for it. I’d tell you that Kim’s blog makes me laugh out loud every time I visit and that she’s like a breath of fresh air in my busy, stressed, days.

Then I’d tell you that I was blown away by the thoroughness of Britney’s wonderful post (which really taught me a lot about making a commitment to blogging), the amazing-ness that is this post and that I loved her v-log too! So brave of her (I chickened out of doing a v-log!)! I’d tell you that she’s a natural behind the camera and that I’m desperate to see her start doing beauty tutorial v-logs. I’d tell you that she will cut my hair one day, hopefully soon, and that she’ll show us everything L.V. has to offer!

I’d tell you all about the wonderful Liane, a kindred spirit, and how she’s my partner in crime for NaNoWriMo and how we’re going to damn well make sure that we both get 2000 words a day out of our heads and typed on screen every day in November. [Obviously a house in London is made all that more attractive by the thought of being just an hour away!]

I’d also tell you all about Lizelle and how amazing she is, so full of ideas and so conscientious and so full of life! How she’s battled too and how she holds her head so so high. How I could get lost in her blog, oohing and aaah-ing over all her luscious posts and words. Her passion is contagious! [Thank you, you xxx]

I’d also tell you about Charlotte (wonderful, brave lady, who blew my mind with her singing v-log! How, how brave she was to sing on camera! To the whole internet!!! I’m still in awe! Awe!) and Bess (wonderful, wonderful, lady who I hope to get to know better) and about Amber and her amazing photography and about Danielle and her gloriously beautiful little one…

I’d also tell you – excitedly – about Heather (wonderful, wonderful!) and Chelsea (love her writing, in awe of her mad photography skills!)….and all the other kind, lovely and inspiring ladies who’s blogs I’ve read over the past thirty days, each and every one of which has inspired me in some way (Julie! Marissa! Reta Jayne! Tricia!).

I’d tell you, again, that I met so many lovely ladies through Blog-tember, and read so many amazing posts. I’d tell you again that I’m thankful to Bailey Jean and that I hope she’s proud of herself, because she hosted such a successful link-up and because she’s the cause of so many budding blog-friendships.

I’d tell you that I loved all of the prompts and that I’m proud of myself because I blogged for 30 days straight and that, because of that, I’m thinking I will give this blogging lark a go and that I now have a plan in place for blogging in to the future. That I’m excited about getting my own domain and self-hosting the blog and that I’m looking, excitedly, for a design template I like or for a (cheap but amazing) designer so that I can get the ideas I have for the design of the site out of my head and on to the web. That I’m excited about writing for the blog and hoping that people enjoy what I write as much as I’ll enjoy writing it.

I’d tell you that, whilst I’m going to miss Blog-tember, it and the people who’ve been blogging along with me, have taught me a great deal about blogging and – most importantly – have taught me that I love blogging and want to throw myself head first in to it. It’s brought joy to my days and given me something external to look forward to, something that can, unfortunately, be sorely missing around here some days. It’s given me a light in this dark period and I’m thankful for that.

I’d finish by saying that I’m so, so thankful for this Blog-tember blogging experience and feel that it’s the beginning of an amazing adventure! Hope you’ll all come along for the ride with me!


17 thoughts on “Blog-tember: Day 30 – Farewell Coffee

  1. Danielle says:

    I am so glad I did this link up and have met such wonderful people and you are one of them. I swear you are beyond beyond awesome. I can repeat it if I have too. You are one of my inspiration now and I hope that everything goes well for you soon. I’ll still be reading your posts (although I’d be a little late :p) and follow you along your daily life. You know I’m an email away if you need anything. Thank you thank you, you have inspired me a lot! Hugs and Kisses from me and Kaelyn!! xoxox


  2. Chelsea says:

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again-blogtember was good, but I can’t wait for what’s coming next! Will definitely be following along!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia, great! Heading off to your blog shortly to read more of your wonderful post (saw it pop up in my email and wanted to savour it in my mid-morning work break!)


  3. Julie says:

    Thank you so much for including me in your post. In has been such an honor to get to know you and some of your story through your posts. I’m so glad that Bailey hosted this amazing link up and I’m glad I met so many new bloggers. I will be following along so I can stay in touch!!


  4. Lizelle says:

    Thank you for the mention makes me so happy that my writing is enjoyed! I really was so wonderful an experience. You’ve made a true blue blog follower of me i aint going no where <3<3<3 Ugh I feel like i'm going to have to do a Blogtemper post round up or something, i just cant fit it all into one post!


  5. Jeanie T says:

    Blogtember brought me to you, so I think it’s all good.. A very optimistic motivator.. I’ll continue to read.. See ya!


  6. msgiddens says:

    Helen, I’m so thankful that we got to “meet” during this Blog-tember challenge! You’ve been so encouraging. I’ve loved hearing about your story and the ways you’re persevered through this tough time in life! Thank you for being bold and sharing your life in this space. I hope to continue in this blogging/life journey with you!


  7. Helen, thank you so much for mentioning me! That was so sweet of you! I am going to continue to read your blogs. They are so inspirational and warm.


  8. Britney says:

    you are always too sweet to me! thank you so much! your kind words make me blush! i can’t wait til you visit!! it needs to be sooner rather than later!


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