…”to be able to touch, pick up or grab something by moving or stretching”

…”to arrive at (a place you’ve been travelling to)”

…”to make an impression on”

…”to come to something”

From the Middle English ‘rechen’ or Lithuanian ‘raižytis’, which means “to stretch ones’ self”.

I’ve lived it, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Put the t-shirt in a drawer to gather dust, along with a million other unnecessaries.

I’ve reached for external sources of happiness: degrees, material comforts, professional success, striving for comfort with an ‘on paper’ perfect partner – you name it, I’ve reached for it. Reached to have those things that society dictates will make me happy.

But, you know, I’ve realised – after it dawned on me that none of these things made me truly happy and that most of them, actually, made me actively unhappy – that the root of the word ‘reach’ represents, for me, the true significance of the word, from which I can learn and grow.

“To stretch one’s self”.

All of these things – these burdens – stretched me to such an extent that I forgot who I was, forgot me, stopped listening to me, to that voice deep down inside that, when we listen to it, tells us exactly what we should be doing to be us, to be our authentic, happy, selves.

I stretched myself thin, so very thin, I didn’t recognise myself any longer, reaching for things that didn’t make me happy, that didn’t matter, that weren’t what I wanted or needed.

I’ve come to this realisation after many long and painful processes, many long and painful hours of soul searching, of clearing the ground so I could start to hear that little voice again, so I could start to hear my intuition again.

Intuition. She’s foolproof, never falters, never fails.

Now, I realise, I just need to reach inside, to stretch in to myself to make time to listen to her and there she is, willing me on, guiding me, cheering me on from the trenches as I stumble towards my true purpose.

I will continue to reach to attain external goals but – here’s the crunch – only after reaching inside to listen to my intuition, to pay heed to my soul. It, she, has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what I need just when I need it.

When we’re tempted to reach for things outside ourself, outside of our true needs, we forget what makes us truly happy.

Reach inside yourself, I say, to find the font of all your true – highly personalised – knowledge and wisdom.

Reach inside to find the source of your authentic happiness.

Your soul knows what you need to do.

Listen to her. She’s wise beyond knowing.

[This is the Introductory post for a series I’ll be doing about intuition: look out for the other posts popping up within the next few weeks].


4 thoughts on “Reach

  1. Lizelle says:

    Reaching in rather than out, interesting topic. It also proves to be a dangerous one for many. I look forward to reading more about it 🙂


  2. Chelsea says:

    Great post, and interesting comment, I’m intrigued on why it’s a dangerous approach also. It resonated with me, more losing focus, and striving, instead of reaching yet restfully, if that makes any sense.


  3. I am so excited about your series! I love all things intuition. “Your soul knows what you need…” It’s crazy how easy it is to ignore our souls. Instead of being tender we are hostile to ourselves. Good words lady.


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