Sunday Ponderings No. 5

Another Sunday, another set of things that have made me take a step back and bathe in their wondrousness, made me think or made me smile!

1. Where do fairy tales come from? An interesting article from the BBC. Marina Warner ends the article by saying, “You have a sketch map and a rough guide; the lights are lit in the windows of that house in the deep dark forest ahead of us. We can begin to move in, listening out, eyes open, trying to find our bearings”. Beautiful.

2. The joy that is Buddha Doodles: look at this little nugget of perfection! I’ve signed up for Molly’s daily doodles emails and I’ve been really enjoying receiving these little bits of happiness in my inbox!


3. Loved this article – about how a password changed Mauricio Estrella’s life. Read it. It’s a good one.

4. Love this quote from Bukowski, found here:


5. Paul Potts’ audition. I always find myself in tears at these kind of videos. All that bloody talent in that guy and he was selling mobile phones! For gods sake. What kind of a world do we live in, that a guy with that crazy level of talent wasn’t doing what he was born to do? In another video – when he won the competition! – he says “I’m really grateful I’ve been able to get a little bit of confidence”. It’s a crying shame that people’s talents aren’t recognised, developed, nurtured, by those around them. A crying shame.

Let me know if you’ve come across anything you think I’ll like!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Ponderings No. 5

  1. Bukowski’s quote. So funny. So true…


  2. Chelsea says:

    love the quote, and look forward to checking out some of the articles, especially the one on fairytales. Not going to watch the video, because I know I will cry and it’s far to early to cry;)


  3. Liane says:

    Totally agree about Paul Potts.. Did you see Susan Boyles first audition? I love how they had written her off before he even opened her mouth and by the end of her audition they were eating their words! x


  4. I love how simple changes like the password thing can make such a huge difference! I changed mine a few months ago to something equally positive and it is a good reminder just to say the words to myself (although with ‘saved’ passwords I don’t enter it often enough)!


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