31 days of moving on: Day 7 – Go

Here’s today’s post for 31 days of five minute free-writing:


I’ve been thinking, again, about what wisdom I’d like to pass on to my children. I’d like to tell them:



7 thoughts on “31 days of moving on: Day 7 – Go

  1. Lizelle says:

    Ah i so needed to here this these days!

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  2. That is brilliant advice! If I can get my printer to work I’ll be posting that up for sure!


  3. Chelsea says:

    Beautiful wisdom to pass on. I actually found a post about this on the road is home blog, that I have saved for my littles someday it was crazy beautiful- I’ll try to find it for you!



  4. Chelsea says:

    here’s the link. I just recently found her blog, she doesn’t post to often, but has an amazing story and beautiful writing.http://www.theroadishome.com/death-of-childhood/


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