Kindness Counts Fridays No. 2

It’s Friday. It’s Kindness Counts Friday. Yay!

Kim’s great – truly great – idea has me living with a bee in my bonnet and I’m finding myself looking for kindness everywhere. It’s positivity generating. It’s wonderful. I’m seeing the world with whole new eyes and finding my heart opening wider and wider. Thanks, Kim.

Before I list my acts of kindness/those that I’ve witnessed, I couldn’t resist showing you this little gem (one of many fine little gems from Molly to be found here at Buddha Doodles):


Isn’t everything about it just too perfect?!

[Note to self: make sure you ask for her Gratitude Journal for Christmas!]

So, onwards. My acts of kindness/the kind acts I’ve witnessed:

1.  I was sick of my surroundings on Sunday, tired of seeing the same old stuff – stuff that my husband had picked over, so, essentially, crap he didn’t want, meaning that I didn’t want it either! – and decided to have a massive clear out. By massive, I mean massive. 425 individual items. Gone. Useless to me, either because it was stuff I couldn’t bear to have around any longer, or stuff I simply don’t use…you get the idea! Just….stuff….that I didn’t need. That’s now been placed in the hands of various charities here where we live. It felt good and the house feels lighter (you know when you’ve had a hair cut and your head feels lighter? That delicious feeling? I feel like that but magnified by about a million. If the laws of attraction as put forth in The Secret do actually work, I’ve now got massive spaces waiting to be filled by something new and exciting. Hope you’re listening, Universe….I’m waiting, with open arms…)

2. My son was falling asleep and he asked me how the people who ‘work’ at the traffic lights manage to have a hot meal. It flummoxed me. I didn’t know. Then I got worried about it. I don’t know how people I pass every day eat a hot meal. That’s pretty inhuman of me. So I went and I asked them. Well, one of them, the least ‘scary’ looking one (I know, I know, but some of those guys are downright hostile…I’ve seen them beat cars with their bare hands…). He told me that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten a hot meal [I chose to believe him]. This information worried me. Made me anxious. Especially as several of his friends came over and joined in the debate, and it turns out they all pretty much eat bread and fizzy drinks pretty much just once a day. Not wanting to make a soup kitchen out of my own kitchen, and not having money to feed all of these hungry people, I was left in a bit of a quandary. So I began to ring around (I can ring around!). Rang the Food Bank and the Red Cross. They have food kitchens but at the other side of the city. Not much help. They know of people who take affordably priced hot meals around on a bike. Quite literally Meals on Wheels! I located the number of said altruistic cyclist and he told me that what they need is food donations. They cook all the meals from their kitchen (one hob, two huge pans) and then set off, cycling to the traffic lights as far as they can reach, selling the food at less than cost so these people can eat a hot meal. OK. I’m getting less anxious. A plan of action for something I can do is forming in my mind. We’ll donate time to the people who cook the meals. Prepping. Slouping soup in to the giant containers they use to make the food mobile. Organising the plates and spoons. We did it on Sunday. The littles were enthralled. I’ve never seen my son’s eyes open wider, or deeper, than when he saw everyone working together as a team to get 300 servings of lentils and rice cooked and slouped and on a bike – one bike – ready to hit the traffic lights to fill those bellies with hot food. It was a joyful, joyful day.

3. My son, seeing this, woke up on Monday morning. “Mama, where do the people get the money from to make the food?” (you can see where this is going, right?!)….so we’re (he’s) now saving every small note that comes in to the house in a little jar, destined for the people with the food kitchen/food delivery service operation happening right there right from the bosom of their own home. I think we can easily give $20 a week to these people, so that they can give so much more to so many more people. [Don’t ever tell me one person can’t make a difference. I’ve seen, with my own eyes, that they can].

4. I took a big deep breath before I had to have a meeting with my husband. I was calm. I was kind. I was filled with grace. [He still managed to get angry…]

5. We looked after a friend of my daughter on Wednesday afternoon. Her Mama wasn’t feeling well and needed a little alone time. [I understand only too well!].

…there were many, many more little acts of kindness – for they’re all little acts, really, in the grand scheme of things – but I’ll leave it there for now.

I have, recently, been imagining what the world would look like if people were only kind. It’d be Heaven on Earth. This jumped out at me from Pinterest as I was pondering this. Serendipity rocks!


Have a great weekend!

Would love to hear about your acts of kindness…..make me happy, tell me in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Fridays No. 2

  1. Liane says:

    I love every single one of these acts. Your son sounds as sweet and kind as you are x


  2. Rachel G says:

    Wow. What a story of your son asking those questions and taking the actions that he’s able to take to help others. Those little ones can really be a reminder to the rest of us about what kindness looks like, sometimes.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Rachel, I learn so, so much from my children every single day. They’re amazing human beings. It never fails to amaze me, that they’re so tuned in to everything, so innately understanding of so many things that adults tend to over-complicate. Listening to them, watching them, its a lesson in humility many times…


  3. Eva says:

    I don’t even know where to start this comment! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog and now I’ll look forward to ever Kindness Counts Friday you post. Those all sound like big, wonderful acts that have already gone such a long way. You’ve inspired me!


  4. I LOVE that you are helping your son understand the importance of kindness, much like the moment with your Gran from your other post today, I imagine this moment will resonate with your son for years to come! I am so in awe of your ability to be kind, creating this challenge I envisioned doing this grand gestures, but have yet to take the big steps to make it happen. Thank you for continuing to inspire me! Also, 425 things- that’s awesome! I bet it feels great- I love giving stuff away (probably a sign I have way more than I need)!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi you, thank YOU for prompting these acts! It’s something I’d been thinking through for a while [I told you I’d penciled in a blog series about kindness, didn’t I?! Great minds think alike ;)] and it’s so great to live with kindness so consciously. Thank YOU. [425 things – there were lots of ‘repeats’….old crayons, pencils, etc etc…but, even so, it felt really great!]


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