Sunday ponderings No. 6

Another week, with its ups and downs and rounds and rounds. Such is life.

Have been amazed by the creativity – and sheer genius – of some of the blog posts I’ve seen, both as part of the 31 days of free writing challenge and otherwise. Bloggers are one mighty creative and inspiring bunch!

So, on to the things that have made me stop in my tracks this week:

1. Justina Blakeney. Am in awe of the lust for life she conveys through her blog, her photography, her art, her encouragement of others (through The Creative Residency). I found her when I was searching for ‘pineapple wallpaper’ on Pinterest (don’t ask!) and have been completely addicted ever since. She has a house she calls the Jungalow for goodness sake! How can you not fall head over heels in love?! Especially love this post, where she goes through the process of rebranding her online presence….wonderfully encapsulated in this genius drawing:


and this photo of her Jungalow? Wowsers. I think I’d literally write myself silly if I could sit there!

which brings me on to my next wonderful thing….

2. Creating a sacred space from Apartment Therapy. Love their suggestion that you should dedicate a sacred space in your home, somewhere you can go to, “…rest, reconnect with what is meaningful in your life and be inspired to pursue your passions”. I’m brooding on this idea and know I’ll be making one for myself shortly.

3. Was encouraged when I read, in Yes! magazine, that Berlin is building a ‘House of One’, a mosque, synagogue and Church all under the same roof.

4. I hadn’t seen this before. What a wonderful idea! The World Needs More Love Letters.

5. Jon Favreau’s ChefHave always loved his work (he seems such a genuine guy!) and I loved this film! It’s not the best film ever but it’s so heart warming (and I laughed out loud – many times, even after I’d finished watching it! – at his character’s social media mistakes!!!)…then was in awe when I read here about how the power of social media was harnessed and converted the film in to a hit for him – yet more proof that people crave authenticity, will get behind things that make them feel, things that make their hearts singPower to the People. 


6. Another film….The Letter WriterIt’s so, so beautiful!


As the reviewer writes here, “…The wonder of The Letter Writer is subtle. It lands upon your heart like a gentle rain”. Highly recommended.

7. Last, but not least, this…..


I’m going to carry it in my heart as I go about my life. You never know who needs a bit of encouragement. It could be a smile, a kind word, a ‘How are you?’…those tiny things could make all the difference to someone. Go the extra mile. Be that little bit kinder.

Would love to see things you’ve found inspiring: link them up in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Sunday ponderings No. 6

  1. Eva says:

    I really enjoyed Chef as well. Made me want to go into the kitchen immediately and start creating delicious, beautiful, filling food! I’ll have to watch The Letter Writer. Justina Blakeney’s post is lovely! Just reading your posts make me happy and inspire me, Helen. You’re right… we really do need more encouragers. I remember one day I was having a particularly good morning on my walk to university and this girl had an amazing afro so I told her this in passing and she looked so confused, haha! Compliments-on-the-go apparently aren’t that common. I hope later she got what I was saying and it made her smile and maybe added that extra pep in her step.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi, thanks so much for your kind words (they made me blush!)….I had to laugh at your story. I do that all the time and people ALWAYS get confused (and their reactions can be quite funny, leading to an even better mood for myself!)…why is that? People just don’t expect others to be nice to them. Isn’t that so, so sad? [I don’t want to live in their world!]


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