How to get over epic shit (aka 31 days of moving on: Day 14 – away)

This is today’s post for 31 days of five minute free-writing, brought forth from my psyche by today’s word ‘away’.

I read a lot. I read a lot for work and a lot on the internet while I’m waiting for my muse to strike for work. I see a lot of patterns, a lot of tribes forming and moving ‘current thinking’ forward. I came across something – can’t remember where, can’t remember by whom (I’ll google it when I’m done writing and add in the link at the bottom) that said, ‘Do epic shit’.

It stuck with me. In a world where superlatives are lavished on, often, the most banal things, rendering said superlatives next to useless, the word epic, used in this context, tickled my fancy, made me chuckle to myself, made my brain cogs roll and roll.

This isn’t a ‘quality literature’ or even ‘quality thinking’ type post. I took the guy’s sentiment (I remember he was a guy) and mulled it over, both profoundly and – as you will see here – not so profoundly and woke up this morning obsessed with the phrase ‘Get over epic shit’.

I’ve been through – hell, am going through – some epic shit

Epic, “narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures”. [In this story, my story, I’m the heroic figure]

Shit, “…entirely unacceptable circumstances that are entirely beyond said hero’s control”

[In this story, my life story, add ‘epic’ and ‘shit’ together, that’s one big mother of a cross to bear].

I thought it’d be fun to do a post about ‘How to get over epic shit’. It’s semi-serious, semi-tongue in cheek. Just something I wanted to write about for five minutes (my five minutes start……):

How to get over epic shit: a 12-step primer

1. Think about running away but realise you can’t. Cry. A lot. Repeat. A lot.

2. Decide to face it. All. Head on. “Bring it on!” you’ll shout (in your bravest moments) [You’ll try to forget about the ‘crying in to your pillow’ moments and they’ll become fewer and fewer as you work through the 12 steps]

3. Tuck your already fragile heart away where it can’t be seen, to protect it, so it’ll come out with as few battle scars as possible [your heart is your most treasured possession, it does not do to leave it out for the scorned to trample]

4. Fold your tenderest places away where they can’t be hurt anymore [these tender places, along with your heart, must be protected at all costs; they are the most vulnerable, beautiful, parts of you]

5. Once tucked and folded, start to mourn, somehow…just start…

6. Face your feelings. All of them. Don’t avoid any of them – they’ll come back to bite you, with a vengeance, if you don’t face them now

7. Learn who you are again. You’ll be a different person to the one you knew, but you’ll like yourself more. Much more.

8. Love the parts of yourself you’ll rediscover. It’ll be like a new romance, all flurries of excitement and stolen moments

9. Try something new. You’ll find out lots about yourself. This will prove valuable as you move forward.

10. Appreciate your alone time. It’ll build strength. It’ll give you strength you didn’t know you had.

11. Pluck up, puff out, your chest. Hold your head high. You got this.

12. Decide not to let it beat you. Repeat steps as necessary.

[Note: I googled (or is that ‘Googled’?) the phrase. Can’t for the life of me work out who originated it or where I’d read the Very Good Article that used the phrase…]


3 thoughts on “How to get over epic shit (aka 31 days of moving on: Day 14 – away)

  1. Lizelle says:

    A detailed 12 step program ma’am Sure to be put to use by someone at some point as it feels like at some point we’ve all gotta deal with epic shit -.-


  2. Britney says:

    haha i’m sure there are people going through some epic shiz that will love reading these steps!


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