Sunday Ponderings No. 6

Another week flew by – fewer and fewer weeks left until Christmas!

Here’s what caught my eye as I was zooming around Internet Land this week:

1. How everything truly great is inspired (from Bernadette Jima at The Story of Telling). This woman knows her stuff! She argues that, in order to be great, we need to have the confidence to be ourselves, not to simply follow in the wake of what has gone before, or what our ‘competitors’ are doing. She says, “Everything truly great is inspired by our own stories and experiences – our unique worldviews”. She also argues that it’s OK to deviate, to take your time, citing an example from Steve Jobs as to how everything we take in is valid fuel for our creativity. It’s OK, she reassures, to take one’s time, to meander, because this meandering allows more connections to be made, more clarity to be gained, which can lead to more powerful creation once the time is right. Powerful stuff. Go read! [Then take a deep breath in and create something unique!]

2. This guy and his battle to rid the seas of plastic. Horrifying to read of the extent of the problem. Inspiring to see someone who cares enough to not only want to do something about it but actually do something about it. Love that they opened the article with his line, “I don’t understand why ‘obsessive’ has a negative connotation. I’m an obsessive and I like it” (where would the world be without obsessives?!). Read the article in awe at everything the guy has achieved.

3. The photos on this blog. Crazy beautiful. This photo? Wow. I can feel the clean air entering my lungs.

4. A love letter to the world I wish I’d written.

5. This from James Altucher. Love him, hate him, he’ll always make you think. [I do the “watch stand up comedy before I have to go out and speak to people” thing]

6. Just about broke my heart.

7. Michael Chorost’s Bionic Quest for BoleroIt will astound, electrify and delight you.

8. Last Great Thing (movers and shakers documenting the Last Great Thing they found online) and this archive: Baratunde Thurston recommending the film The Interruptors. How do you overcome when things are so bad, when things have got to such a point that there’s no obvious way back? No obvious way out? [It’s a question I ask myself, often, with regards to my own situation, my husband’s irrationality].

9. The missing ingredient for change from Trent at The Simple Dollar. He always offers solid advice – and lots of it – and this post is a really great one! Bookmark it if you can’t read it right away – there will be things in there you can implement to make your life that bit more ideal.

10. Shakespeare, oh Shakespeare. Found here.


and, last but not least, Doris Lessing and her wisdom….



Wise words, Doris, wise words.

There’s never going to be an ideal time for anything. Best just get on with something.


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