Fear wilts hearts


Your heart, your essence, that little voice inside that speaks to you, that’s you. You’ve got to guard it jealously. Protect it from fear. The fear that tells you you’re not good enough. Or not clever enough. Or shouts ‘Who are you to dream?’. Or tells you you’re not ready. Fear like this – largely unfounded fears – will, at best, discourage you and, at worst, paralyse you. They’ll diminish your dreams, keep you from pursuit by distorting reality. Keep you static. In some death-like waiting room.

Life is meant to be lived. Meant to be enjoyed. Savoured. Not cowered away from like some beaten down dog with its tail between its legs. Stand up. Push your chest out. Keep your head held high. Live your life in such a way that it entices you to want to be. see. do. more.

Don’t let fear stop you. Fear’s a figment of your imagination, a falsehood. Reality wrapped in a cunning disguise. Don’t let it overtake you. Don’t let it dampen your joy. Go forth and seek joy. Seek the details of life. Immerse yourself in them. Become, through this, fearless. See so much beauty, all you come to see is potential.

Rage at the things you fear. Rage at them, blindly scattering them. Send them off cowering, tails between their legs. Step towards them as they return, regrouped, and face them head on, these bullies that batter you. It’s no cha-cha-cha. What’s needed is a stand-off where you, The Brave, wins.

You’re cautious? That’s fear. Beat it down. You’re letting your common sense, and not your heart, guide you? Fear. Beat it down. You’re being practical? Heaven help us. It’s fear. Beat it down.

If you don’t stop to recognise how fear transforms itself to reappear time and time again in your life, it’ll take advantage of you. It’ll continue to show itself in a million different ways, all of them eroding your capacity to live fully, to live the life you imagine.

Don’t listen to the voice that says ‘No’. Listen, instead, to the small voice that says ‘I can and I will’, the voice that comes from deep, deep within, speaking softly, so softly you struggle to hear. She’s quiet because she needs you to have fought fear before you can understand what she’s trying to tell you. But she’s the strong one, the true one, the one you need to fight for. The one you have to guard with all your might.

Don’t let anything wilt your heart.

Least of all fear.

[Part of 31 days of moving on, in response to today’s prompt, Fear. I spent 12 minutes writing, a whole lifetime on the research]


6 thoughts on “Fear wilts hearts

  1. So powerful, I’m actually in awe of your words and how they struck me in all the right places, really spoke to me. I’m bookmarking this and will return when in doubt, when in fear. Amazing post! Thanks for writing this.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi, am rushing out the door but didn’t want to leave your beautiful comment unanswered before I left…thank you so much. Means a great deal. Thank you.


  2. Chelsea says:

    Beautiful!! Something I needed to hear. I’m the first one to tell others to go for it, how great they are, that they can do anything, but am the worst at turning that same conviction on myself.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hah, it’s something I continually have to remind myself…(living with a real physical fear, daily, has the potential, I’ve found, to wilt all of your capabilities and sensitivities).


  3. Wonderful words as ever lovely lady. March out the positivity and braveness and send fear packing! I like it 💖


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