How to fall in love with your world (by Britney)


Today it’s the second instalment in the How to fall in love with your world series. How to fall in love with your world aims to offer a moment to pause, in the midst of our busy lives, in the midst of the angst and pulls from all different directions. A moment to grab a cuppa and let the words wash over you. Words of wisdom as to how other women learn to fall in love with their world. There’ll be something – hopefully more than one thing! – in each post that’ll capture your imagination, that you can take away and implement, somehow, in your lives to help you fall that little bit more in love with your world.

So, here goes! A wonderful, wonderful, post from Britney from All Things Britney Lee. A darling of a woman, so creative and funny and honest and open. So, so divine! [She’s promised, when we make it to Vegas, to cut my hair for me (I will hold you to this, you know!)]. Love how thoroughly she approaches her blog posts; favourites of mine include this onethis one and this one. Can’t wait to see her Halloween costume and can’t wait until she starts posting product reviews and craft tutorials and MORE VLOGS on her blog!

Drum roll….

how to fall in love with your world

we each have our own little world here on this planet. it’s our bubble, our space! it is all we do, all we see, and all we come in contact with. sometimes it’s not easy to love it. our world can be a scary or sad place when outside things and people affect it. but it is oh so important that we love it, come what may!

here are a few things that i try to continually do to help me fall in love more with my world that, hopefully, can help you fall in love with yours.

realize that crap happens

bad things happen. stupid things happen. crazy things happen. things that you cannot control. THINGS KEEP ON HAPPENING AND THEY WON’T STOP. you’ve got to realize this and you’ve got to keep doin your thang. otherwise you will just be stuck in the sucky-ness of all the things and you will never, ever love your world. don’t be that person who is always thrown off and making excuses because crap happens. get your bearings and continue to do what you want and need to do!

recognize the good things

amongst all the bad things, there are plenty more good ones! whether big or small, there is good. look for it and cherish it all! maybe you had a really awesome hair day today or you didn’t spill food on your clothing! your winged eyeliner is even! the sun is out and shining but it’s not too hot! you are alive! the house is mostly clean! you got to deal with nice, polite people today at work! there are so many good things!

take a look around and revel in the beauty

we all tend to get a little too busy with life. we need to stop rushing around and take a little time to look around! there is so much beauty in the earth and even in the things that man has created. look at all the mountains and trees and the clouds in the sky! look at the giant buildings that are so tall and strong! look at the art people have created! there is beauty in the flowers and animals. in the oceans and rivers. just take a minute and look around!

fall in love with the people in it

this one is easier said than done. to really fall in love your world you have to fall in love with the people in it! not like romantically, but just appreciative love. this includes more than just your family and close friends. it’s your neighbors. your co-workers. the people that work at the stores you shop at. the people on the street that you drive next to. they are not perfect, just like you, and they will do things, sometimes bad things, but you still need to love them. they have THINGS going on in their life and maybe they aren’t as good as you are at not letting it affect you…you still need to love and forgive them. THIS will make you love your world more.

be grateful

be grateful for all that you have! you have a job that helps you pay your bills, you have transportation, you have a roof over your head, you have food in your fridge, you have people that love you, you have so many things to be grateful for. even if those things aren’t as grand or as perfect as you wish them to be, you still have them to be grateful for! be grateful that you are alive. living in your world is hard. be grateful for the things that make it easier or more enjoyable.

thanks so much for reading! i hope these help you in loving your world!

come on over to my blog all things britney lee and let me know what tip will be the most helpful for you!

[Helen again! Thanks so much Britney! I think we’ll all take things away from your post. I know I should heed lots of pieces of your advice more often, and much more consciously, than I do…head over here to find my post on Britney’s blog: 6 ways to keep yourself going].


8 thoughts on “How to fall in love with your world (by Britney)

  1. Chelsea says:

    beautifully written- It is good to acknowledge that life happens and it’s not always great- but to look for the happy and the good.


  2. zareenn3 says:

    Helen I loved your post in Britney’s blog. I agree with all your points. Specially the part about visualization? It does work.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. zareenn3 says:

    Enjoyed your post on Britney’s blog! Specially the part about visualization. It’s very true! 🙂


  4. Love this I would also add that falling in love with your world includes falling in love with your self and having a positive self esteem most of all. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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