Sunday ponderings No. 8

What’s been inspiring me this week?

1. Diane Von Furstenberg’s Manhattan penthouse. Oh my. I would like my house in Heaven to look like this [I would surely have died and actually be there if my house did look like this!].

2. Eden Riley performing The Prophet. Her writing always, always, always splits me open and then sews me back up again that little bit tighter.

3. Love this post from Maria (Brain Pickings) about Pen & Ink from Wendy MacNaughton. I’m always intrigued by tattoos whenever I see them (why? where? when? how?) and I loved sneaking a peek in to the reasoning behind the tattoos of a few of the people featured in the book.

And, last but not least, this – reminding me of the inadequacies of the English language:


Link me up, in the comments, to anything you’ve seen this week that you think I’ll like!


4 thoughts on “Sunday ponderings No. 8

  1. Chelsea says:

    can’t wait to check them out, always love your suggestions!


  2. Rachel G says:

    I mean, I love my native language, but it’s so cool to come across particularly awesome words in other languages. One word that my family uses all the time is the Bahasa word: “Rosak”. “Rosak” can mean broken, spoiled, rotten, unusable or unedible for just about any reason. We love that we can say both “The banana is rosak” and “That chair is rosak.” Multi-purpose words like that intrigue us, since we come from English, where words tend to have specific uses. Then, Chinese is such a concise language, I love that so many times, it takes them 2-syllables to say what we’d need 5-syllables to say, i.e. “youshang” = “laden with grief”.


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