How to fall in love with your world – from Chelsea

Another instalment of the How to fall in love with your world series. How to fall in love with your world aims to offer a moment to pause, in the midst of our busy lives, in the midst of the angst and pulls from all different directions. A moment to grab a cuppa and let the words wash over you. Words of wisdom as to how other women learn to fall in love with their world. There’ll be something – hopefully more than one thing! – in each post that’ll capture your imagination, that you can take away and implement, somehow, in your lives to help you fall that little bit more in love with your world.

Today I’m delighted to introduce Chelsea from Hollands Reverie.


Amazingly wonderful and beautiful and gentle soul, Mum to a small brood of littles of equal beauty and vitality.


Love her writing, LOVE her photographs, love her take on the world, love that she helps to catch their own meat (!): hope you’ll all fall in love with her online space too!  [My heart always gives a little leap when I see a new post from her in my Bloglovin feed!].


How to fall in love with your world

Well, to me the topic seems to call for a how to of sorts, but I never feel in the position to give people advice, I certainly don’t have it all together or figured out, but I can honestly say that I  am in love with my world and here are just a few things that have made that even clearer to me.

Photography– learning my way around a camera and practicing a lot has opened my eyes to the beauty all around me. My eye has been trained so that even without a camera I’m finding those moments, those looks that are so full of heart, of true beauty that it almost takes my breath away.  In that same vein it also has a way of proving how fast it’s all going and how quickly this- my favorite of all stages- will soon be past. It’s a constant reminder to stay present and to be in the moment.

Reflection– it’s easy to look at the world as a whole and feel a sense of fear, a heaviness or even panic. I know for me, I can start to feel overwhelmed and scared and it’s not that I try to shut all that out, or close my eyes to others suffering, it’s that I find I must seek the light, always seek the light. I find what’s good, little things that have made me happy, make lists for everything I’m thankful for and seek the blessings, the beautiful. I don’t always feel thankful to cook and clean seemingly unendlessly, to wash load after load of laundry, to sit for hours every morning doing school with my kiddos- but I am thankful that I have had the pleasure to fall madly in love with a man who treasures me, that we have created four of the most amazing creatures to ever have been, and that we share a home and a life that includes adventure and togetherness.

Writing– sometimes you just don’t even know how you feel until you write it down. It strips the soul and let’s ones true emotions come forth.

Passion– being passionate about something makes all the difference. Finding something you love to do and being brave enough to go for it. Starting this little blog of mine has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It’s pushed my creativity,  forced me to write, to look for the happy, to document. It’s something I have all of my own- separate from being a wife, a mother, yet inclusive because a wife and mother is exactly who I am, so they are my muses, my inspiration and my subjects.

I hope that is somewhat helpful, or at least gives you a small glimpse into my world.

What is it that makes you happy, something small that simply brightens your day? Let me know in the comments!


[Helen here: thanks, Chelsea. Loved every single word of it and the last photo is genius].


8 thoughts on “How to fall in love with your world – from Chelsea

  1. Francesca says:

    I’ve just stopped by her blog and I like very very much her design and shots! Every post is reach of contentment and tips to enjoy our everyday life 🙂 Thanks for sharing Helen ❤




  2. Chelsea says:

    Thank you so much for letting me join in with you. I was completely honored to be able to post for a blog and a woman I adore and respect so much. Your words were crazy kind and made my day! thanks again!


  3. hopecarrart says:

    What honest and beautiful words, plus the added photos of your world, which makes me want to transport myself into such peaceful surroundings. I can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Blessings and Peace.


  4. Something small that brightens my day:
    cold brew coffee
    a lit candle
    snail mail


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