Sunday Ponderings No. 9

The end of a really, really hard week for me. Looking forward to the next one, if only to move on to pastures new with lots of ‘old’ behind me…

Here goes with some things that have inspired me/made me think this past week:

1. The Grace Uncommon blog. Really wonderful, inspirational content, so well written. She describes her blog as, “Boldly designing an unhindered life” – for me, personally, that really appeals at this stage in my life.

2. When sadness is a gift from Ashley Ann Photography. It was an especially important reminder, for me, that we have to give thanks for the ‘wonderful’ when we’re experiencing it because ‘wonderful’ can be so quickly taken away.

3. Complete from SecondFirsts: one of the most impactful blog posts I’ve ever read. It stopped me dead in my tracks when I read it on Friday night and immobilised me, as I processed it’s message, for most of yesterday. Such a powerful, powerful message.

4. 10 ways to live an extraordinary life from Be More With Less. Great reminder of how I should be living every day. 

5. This image. Enthralls me more every time I look at it. Wish I could take portrait photos like The Sartorialist. [BIG SIGH]. Wish I was anywhere in Italy right now. [DOUBLE BIG SIGH]

6. 11 untranslatable words from other cultures (love everything about this!)…my favourite one? This one:



7. This video [thanks Lizelle for the heads up! I’ve been thinking about it all week!]…

And three images I found on Pinterest that just spoke volumes to me:


[I needed to see it, and internalise it, this week]


[I’ve been reading some of his writings, and those of Rumi, and, my goodness, people in Ancient times could certainly think! Freedom from information overload allowed them to think deeply and elucidate deep – fundamental – truths that are so relevant in today’s world].



[Yeah, pretty much my motto from now on. “Stop asking permission”. Just go for it, lady. As I read somewhere online, “You can do the impossible because you’ve been through the unimaginable”. Note to self: You don’t need permission from anyone – get the fig on with it….].

Hope you’re equally inspired by some of the things on this week’s list. Link me up to anything you think I’ll enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Ponderings No. 9

  1. EMA says:

    hard week for me as well, hope the next one turns out to be a bit better 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions!



  2. Chelsea says:

    Hope this week is a good one for you! Always love these list, so fun to explore and see what interest others. Thanks


  3. hopecarrart says:

    So you had to go and make me cry so early in the morning did you? I don’t know whether to thank you or thank you. Lovely video, and great links I checked out. Now, let’s go out and gather in the best of a beautiful day!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Hope, hah….yes, it’s a tear-jerker isn’t it? So beautiful. As you say, let’s go forward and gather the very best of this beautiful day. We’ll only get one 3rd November 2014….


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