How to fall in love with your world (from Hope)

Today it’s the fourth instalment in the How to fall in love with your world series. How to fall in love with your world aims to offer a moment to pause, in the midst of our busy lives, in the midst of the angst and pulls from all different directions. A moment to grab a cuppa and let the words wash over you. Words of wisdom as to how other women learn to fall in love with their world. There’ll be something – hopefully more than one thing! – in each post that’ll capture your imagination, that you can take away and implement, somehow, in your lives to help you fall that little bit more in love with your world.

Today, a wonderful guest post from Hope, of Hope Carr Art. I find myself being soothed by her writing, and her wonderful way of thinking – and writing – about the world, every time I visit her online space. Her posts make me think, make me chuckle and have been known to make me cry (with happiness and otherwise, but always in a good way).

Here goes with Hope’s post:

I have never been asked to be a guest writer, guest artist maybe, but not a writer for a series of blogs.  Helen of I Will Bloom has introduced this fascinating title “How to fall in love with your world”. This heavy subject causes me to stop and chew on my pencil, to roll it around in my mind and try to spit out words polished and artistically fashioned.  The truth is I am not wise, I’m just a normal person who lives an  ordinary life, but it is one that I love.

How to fall in love with your world.

A brilliant sunset, or the blue-green mountain range that is about to turn purple, then pink and fades to lavender. Niagara Falls.  Fall Foliage in its coat of many colors, and endless fields of gold, or snowy fields of cotton that only nature can wear. A breaking ocean wave foaming into a  c a l m, still  pool of icy blue water under a Harvest Moon.  The chorus of birds at dawn that wake you from sleep. Giggles turned into laughter.  These are all the moments that we most love, appreciate, and claim as ours.

We can easily love nature and the earth with its power and glory. We are amazed by it. The beauty of it transports us into a place of awe.  Our world, as in everyday life, is not always amazing.  It is mostly  just plain and ordinary.  Our world, actually revolves around people, and I am one of them, one of 7 Billion. I cannot wrap my mind around it, except for the fact that wherever I go there are people. My world is quickly filling up around me.  I have to continuously remind myself of one of God’s Commandments, ” Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  This was not a suggestion, it was a Command and for good reason.

Look, whether you are religious or not, you and I live along side of each other, breathing in and out, needing food,  shelter and love. We are individual, yet we need the same things in order to exist.  This IS Our World.  We share the earth but Our World is our life, our experiences as we live on this earth, even on an average, ordinary day.   Question. How well do you connect with people you encounter each day, meaning do you see them? Do you look at them in the eyes? Smile? Say Hello? Or do you just walk by and avoid people all together? Do you, like my mother, have a welcome mat at the door that says GO AWAY ?

I suggest that if we want to fall in love with OUR World, we have to begin with each other.  It is easy to love a glorious sunset that does not talk back to us, but not  human who cuts in line at the grocery store?  Really.

How to fall in love with our world begins with loving humanity, respecting our differences and treating each other with compassion and yes, love.  It is a mindset, and something you and I can do.  We can argue all day but in the end, we can still respect each other.   We are all made in the image of God with different color skins but the same insides.  I owe you a smiling glance, a hello, or a recognition that we stand side by side and need each other in our changing world. I need your smile too. Tomorrow let’s begin by looking into the eyes of anyone you do not know and  kindly acknowledge them.  It could be me and it could be you, so don’t forget to respond, kindly.

[Helen again – I asked Hope if she might have an image she wanted to share with you all (she’s a painter and I wondered if she might have liked to share an image of one of her paintings). She sent me the image (below) with the text, “I wish I had a painting of this, but I don’t. This photo hangs beside my bed and it reminds me every night and every morning that I am one among billions of God’s children, where on the list I fall is not important, but that we love each other is].


[Helen again. Thanks Hope. It’s a truly wonderful post, so much food for thought. I know I’ve been humbled, through my recent experiences, and have definitely learnt that judgement has to take a back seat in any and all interactions: as the saying goes, ‘Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”].


6 thoughts on “How to fall in love with your world (from Hope)

  1. Chelsea says:

    Another great read, and a lovely introduction to a new blogger for me.


  2. We all have the same insides~yay!


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