How to fall in love with your world (from Kim)

The fifth instalment in the How to fall in love with your world series! How to fall in love with your world aims to offer a moment to pause, in the midst of our busy lives, in the midst of the angst and pulls from all different directions. A moment to grab a cuppa and let the words wash over you. Words of wisdom as to how other women learn to fall in love with their world. There’ll be something – hopefully more than one thing! – in each post that’ll capture your imagination, that you can take away and implement, somehow, in your lives to help you fall that little bit more in love with your world.

Today’s guest poster is Kim from Kimberley’s Quests. We met through Blog-tember and it was one of those “We’d definitely be friends in real life if that was ever possible” moments! She’s the lady who started the fabulous Kindness Counts Fridays link-up (that tells you all about the kind of person she is!). All round genuine, amazing, unique, lover of life (complete with ‘dangling moustache spectacles’!!). Here’s her post:

How to fall in love with your world

Hello Lovely People,

I am so excited to be here today, writing for the absolutely fantastic Helen- I mean isn’t she just awesome!? I’ve been reading the other posts in this series and I think we are all putting our spin on it, so here’s mine!

Every day I fall a little more in love with my world. It’s taken all of my 26 (gasp!) years, and I imagine it will take far more than the next 26 to fully appreciate the wonders of this beautiful world and where my crazy life fits into it.

I feel as though my twenty-fifth & twenty-sixth years have been filled with growth and transformation. I have a better idea of who I am, and who I want to grow into. This growth has helped me immensely to fall in love with my world, with my life and with myself.

I’ve still got a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of work to do, but here are a few things that have made a big difference for me lately.

Stopping to smell the roses. Both literally & figuratively. Taking the extra two or three minutes on my morning walk to look around, or even harder, to look UP and face the world has had a great impact on me. Those short moments of breathing the fresh air, admiring the fallen leaves or just looking straight ahead have brought me a calm I’ve never known before.

Being Thankful. I’ve spent more time giving thanks and sitting in quiet reflection in the past few months than ever before in my life. I am beginning to understand how blessed I am, and how important the words “Thank You” can be.

Being Kind. Following closely on being thankful, I’ve been working hard to be kind, to everyone and everything that crosses my path. To consider the backstory of that grumpy child in my class, or the short temper of the crossing guard or the brisk nature of the cashier. Reaching deep for patience and understanding has allowed me to practice just a little more kindness, and each time I do something to raise someone else’s spirits- I feel mine soar. It’s amazing!

Yoga. I am not a devoted Yogi, I probably do 85% of the moves totally wrong if I make the time to do it at all. But those 20 minute increments when I’m sitting on my mat have begun to bring me a little peace while also giving me the strength to face the day.

Jumping With Both Feet. 2014 was the year of adventures and trying new things for me, and as much as I hate being out of my comfort zone (I guess that’s why it’s called the comfort zone!) I have had so many amazing experiences and felt truly happy. It’s hard to step out of the box but once you’re out it’s so freeing!


Letting Go. When I focus on really letting go of the little things that used to bug me I am able to have happier days. Not getting lost in the drama allows me to appreciate the beautiful moments in every day and spend my time focusing on the good, rather than sinking into a bad mood.

I’m still learning, still growing and falling in love with my world. My life is not perfect, my world is not perfect, I’m not perfect. But I am trying, and I think above all else, that’s what I think is most important!

Have a beautiful day!

[Helen here: thanks, Kim, for a truly wonderful – definitely very inspiring – post. Sorry to say that Kim’s taking a break from blogging but do check out the archive posts on her blog – there’s always something in all of her posts that makes me stop and think].


4 thoughts on “How to fall in love with your world (from Kim)

  1. twinsmommy says:

    Such a heart warming, wonderfully written post. I find it hard to ‘ let go’ but ultimately I realize teats what is the right way to live.
    Being thankful–Being kind–Amen to that!


  2. Chelsea says:

    So lovely to be introduced to Kim, she has a beautiful, fresh perspective on life. I think thankfulness and kindness are two of the best things you can do to really fall in love with your world. Another great one in an amazing series!


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