Kindness Counts Fridays Volume 7

kindness counts

It’s Kindness Counts Friday! [Kim’s original idea; I’m holding fort until she’s back in BlogLand]


Time to recount all the kind acts we’ve engaged in or witnessed. Here goes with my list:

1. I had another clear out of ‘stuff’ from the house: books, clothes, magazines, toys that the littles have grown out of and that I don’t want to keep.  The clothes went to a local charity; the books to a local school’s library; the magazines to the waiting room in the local clinic and the toys to the clinic, also, to be used in the paediatric wards.

2. I have a lot of scrapbook supplies (I used to run a scrapbook store) and I don’t need all of them. I went through everything and got rid of a lot of stuff (like ridiculous amounts of stuff). I phoned a local place that offers art classes and workshops (for ‘underprivileged’ children) and asked them if they’d accept the donation. The lady came over for it and cried her eyes out when she saw the donation: they were worrying they were going to have to close down as they have enough funding for the rent on the place but not enough for supplies. [Imagine: I had all that stuff just sitting there and it turns out it was really useful to someone else!]. She’s invited us to go to some classes, so I’ll be taking the littles over in the next few weeks.

3. We went over to help with the meals again: the children love helping and it feels so good to make a difference in this way.

4. The lady who used to come and help me in the house popped by this last week, just to say hello and see how we’re all doing. She says she’s missing us a lot and asked if she could come back to work for a few days a week. I told her that I’m having “cash flow problems” (!) at the moment but that, as soon as I’m being paid at my usual levels again, of course we’d like her to come work with us again. She got very upset. It turns out she’s missing the children! She asked me if it would be OK if she comes back one day a week. She asked me not to pay her, just to feed her and let her take some of the food home with her, for her son (she’s a single Mum and hasn’t found other work since I had to let her go). [I wasn’t happy – at all – with this arrangement but, seeing her face light up when she saw the children when she came on Wednesday this week, and seeing how happy they were with her in the house again, it convinced me that what she’d suggested was OK. I got her some basic food supplies and she took a huge bowl of food home with her. Of course, as soon as I can, I’ll pay her for all the days she’s worked and give her a bonus. There’ll obviously be a Christmas for hamper for her too].

5. I was out for my run the other day and there was an elderly lady sat on one of the benches near the lake near the house. She looked in a great deal of distress. I stopped to ask her if she was OK and it turns out her husband had died recently. She said she was having great trouble accepting it and that she felt very lonely. We sat together for quite a while, just talking, holding hands. We both cried a little. We went over to her home later that day to take her some biscuits. She was so happy to see the littles! I haven’t seen her since (we’ll go and ‘check in’ on her this weekend) but hopefully the little bit of kindness we showed her lightened her load a little.

Some great kindness-related links I’ve found on my travels around the internet:

1. A great list of 50 random acts of kindness. A lot of great ideas for how to spread kindness around.

2. This lovely article about the extraordinary power of small acts of kindness. It has lots of lovely ideas on how to brighten someone else’s day.

3. Lizelle posted this video on her blog a while ago and it’s stayed with me ever since. Hope you like it too:

4. How about making and gifting some of these ‘just because’ for someone you know or someone you don’t know that well but who you think might need a ‘pick me up’? [I’d be sooooooo happy to receive something like this ‘just because’!]

Do you want to join in with Kindness Counts? Link up [using the link thingy tool at the end of the post] to any posts detailing your own acts of kindness; acts of kindness you’ve witnessed or any post about kindness in general.

I’d love to see your posts – it’d make me so happy ! – and the more of us that link up, the more inspiration we’ll all get as to how to be more kind in our own lives! Remember:



6 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Fridays Volume 7

  1. Rachel G says:

    I love the story about the scrapbook supplies! When Angel and I moved and had to get rid of everything, I loved that out of what we’d stocked out house with we were able to bless so many! Since we’re both oldest siblings and our younger siblings are just getting started out in life we had some perfect options to give stuff to. My sister and brother basically just went through our house and took anything they could use–even stuff like bottles of shampoo and conditioner from our bathroom cupboards really help their budgets stretch farther!


  2. Liane says:

    Just this morning I cleared out Emilie’s clothes and now have a big pile of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes all ready to go to the charity shop 🙂 Getting rid of clutters always makes my mind feel clearer.


  3. The scrapbook supplies story made me smile SO BIG! I love that you were able to have such a big impact, by doing something that was so simple- now if we could just get the whole world to think like you! The story about sitting with the little lady on the bench, gave me chills! You are such a kind soul, and I am sure you brightened her day. The fact that the lady who was helping you out wanted to come back that badly really shows how lovely you are- and how much your kindness and friendship has helped her. As always I am in complete awe of your ability to go the extra step and be kind while making it appear so natural (which it should be).


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