Sunday Ponderings

Busy week, but still time for seeing/reading lots of inspiration:

1. Vincent Moon: he describes himself, in a TED talk, as an “experimental ethnologist”. He records music from around the world. He says he’s fuelled to do what he does because, “The way we show the world changes how we see the world…we live with simplifications of every day life so we don’t get to see the beauty and diversity of every day life”. His projects are funded through Kickstarter and other sources of public donations (I read somewhere that he said, “I live without any money, or very little sums…I don’t make films ‘for free’ as someone was telling me the other day – I just don’t make them ‘for money’, but I get very well paid in the energy of people, in the exchanges I have on an everyday basis, in invitations for a dinner or a drink” [Love him and his work that little bit more after reading that!]. He makes his films available for free on his website. I’ve been haunted – literally all week – by the beauty of this one, from Elza Soares, a Brazilian singer. Goodness, to have even 10% of this lady’s commitment and passion! She is literally poetry in motion. I’ve been captivated by her!

2. This quote from Victoria Erickson, which stopped me in my tracks (as many of her writings do): “It’s often too easy to get lost in the daily race, shoving aside soul. Don’t…every time you create, nurture, cook, cultivate, use your hands, birth songs, art or connect seemingly disconnected things, you’re using your soul. Don’t bury it. Stay with it. The more soul you use, the more you’ll have, the more connected you’ll be and the more your life will flow rhythmically with full allowance and acceptance of what beauty might arrive. But things cannot arrive unless your soul’s open to receive. Stay connected. Keep choosing soul”.

3. This series: Every Story Matters. Just incredible. I’m continually amazed by the truly brilliant ideas and writing that flows from bloggers, from the Five Minute Friday writings that never fail – every single week – to inspire me, to the blog posts that pop up in my Bloglovin feed to gems like this series. Wow. Just wow. So much honesty and vitality and brilliance to be found in each and every one of her 31 posts.

4. Having had a few ‘bloopers’ this week with the correct meaning of English words being lost in translation from British to American English and vice versa, this made me laugh!

5. I’m asking Santa for one thing this year and it’s this: my favourite motivational saying…printed on the front of a 365-day journal that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone every day? It was made for me!

6. 3-D printed toys on a blog? What is the world coming to? When did the world move so far and so fast forwards?! I remember – ages ago – friends telling me to invest in this new technology called 3-D printing and now the future is here! I reckon I’ll be able to buy the littles a 3-D printer in about 3-4 years (when the prices will have dropped significantly): how cool is that?! [What would you 3-D print if you could? Gggrrr…now I can’t get the mini Howard out of my head! And is this genius or the ultimate in spooky narcissism??!! I can’t decide but kind of wished I’d thought of it ;)]

7. The number 1 way to kill off your ideas: brilliant, inspiration-packed, post about how to make things happen. 

8. Am going to leave explicit instructions that I’d like (the appropriate construction of) this etched on my tombstone:


[Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody – haven’t read anything quite so beautiful in a long time. Words to live by, if ever I heard any].

Hope you enjoyed my (very) hotch-potched mix of inspiration this week: do link me up to anything that’s inspired you….I really would like to see!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Ponderings

  1. Liane says:

    Haha! I loved the English sayings that Americans don’t understand. I’m always very conscious when I’m writing on my blog as to whether everyone is going to understand what I’m writing about!

    The quote from Victoria Erickson is beautiful. You always seem to find quotes that resonate with me.


  2. Lizelle says:

    Got a good ol’ kick out of the says m’self 🙂


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