40 after 40

I’m starting my life over. Forced to do so. I’ve had a few months to think about what I really want to do and, in my best ‘planning head on’ mode and spurred on by images like this that pop up at me on Pinterest – alternatively scaring me to death/goading me and panicking me…


…I’ve been making a list of the things I want to do before I shift this mortal coil. [An image of the lady in Titanic always comes to mind when I think of this: I will, will have photos of these things to show my great Grandchildren].

Drumroll please. Here goes:


1. Visit Paris. Live in Paris for a while, preferably

2. Trek through the National Parks and see the glaciers in Chile/Argentina

3. Travel India

4. Explore Japan (walk through a cherry blossom lined avenue)

5. River journey on the Amazon (see pink dolphins and the giant lily leaves!)


6. Hot air balloon ride (over London)

7. See show(s) at The Globe

8. Surf (I’m scared of the sea: this is a biggy for me!)

9. Do a rally (expensive but there will be a way!)

10. Skating at Somerset House


11. See Andrea Bocelli in concert, preferably in an Italian piazza

12. Experience Carnival in Rio (Note to self: must learn to samba)

13. See Alicia Keys in concert

14. See Tony Bennett in concert

15. Flamenco festival in Andalucia/flamenco dancing lessons


16. Visit Nekker Island (meet Richard Branson)

17. Buy my dream piece of land

18. Get a Leica. Have a book of my photos published (I was going for ‘a photo published’ but, what the heck – if you aim for the moon and miss, you’ll still be amongst the stars!)

19. Live in London again

20. Take a long journey by bicycle (preferably around Italy; definitely through the Amalfi Coast)


21. Grow/tend a perfectly English wildflower garden (just like my Grandad’s)

22. Live in Venice: I want to experience Venice through all the seasons.

23. Eat spaghetti a la vongole in Torcello

24. Make it a habit to travel to the Van Gogh Museum

25. Go on a retreat in Tibet


26. Scale a Sequoia

27. See a turtle in the sea

28. Swim with dolphins

29. Go to the Tiger Temple with the littles

30. See whales


31. Ride an elephant

32. Visit the Rodin Museum

33. Explore Thailand

34. Spend some time in Skopelos

35. Take tea at The Ritz

…and some more I didn’t have photos for (but not any less important – as these will fund said escapades!):

26. Relaunch my businesses

27. Publish my fiction book

28. Launch I Will Bloom properly

29. Start to write articles again

30. Save 30% of my income. Don’t spend more than I need to (more posts about this planned for later!)

So, there they go. All voiced out loud, typed up and posted publicly no less. How’s that for stating my intentions loud and clear! Universe, make them happen for me. Please xxx

In an effort to keep myself accountable, and inspired by the lovely Sami Anne, who publishes her bucket list accomplishments on her blog, I’m going to let you all know how I’m getting on with making my dreams happen…I know you’ll all be rooting for me! [As I have the loveliest ladies reading my blog!]…unsure how to hold myself accountable at the moment but – as with everything – there will be a way of doing so!

Would love to hear of your ‘bucket list’ dreams – let me know in the comments…


10 thoughts on “40 after 40

  1. Lizelle says:

    Ah lady looks like we ought to catch a couple planes together we want to go so many of the same places: Paris, Japan, Italy.

    Still got you down for 35! ;D

    Have already seen turtles, it’s an amazing experience, they are literally such old souls and you can just feel it being in their presence i think ❤


  2. Chelsea says:

    Oh I love this!!! So many great adventures on your bucket list, would you mind if I joined in, I would love to make a bucket list also. My dad had asked me to do this last January and I never did, I think knows the time!



  3. You’re such an inspiration. I love your positive vibes and your energy. I also love this list. I’ve done a few of these and will probably borrow a few.
    All the best!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi, oh, am so happy to hear you’ve done a few of them already! That makes me so happy! [Thank you for calling me an ‘inspiration’: much appreciated! You made my day!]….love you blog too!


  4. Shauna841505 says:

    Swimming with Sea Turtles in Barbados was one of my all time favorite experiences. They are amazing creatures, and extremely friendly. I highly suggest putting that near the top of your list! 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia, oh my, I’m so happy you’ve done that! It must have been amazing! I’ve seen them in captivity where they are found, but have never seen them ‘in the wild’. I can’t wait to do so…..thank you – you’ve made me so happy!


  5. Living in Paris is one of my dreams too! Perhaps our paths will cross 😉 I’ll be rooting for you the whole way!


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