Kindness Counts Friday Volume 8

kindness counts

It’s Kindness Counts Friday! A chance to stop and make note of the kind acts we’ve engaged in or witnessed this week.

(I’m still holding fort for Kim who had the original – and brilliant – idea for Kindness Counts Fridays. My archived Kindness Counts Friday posts can be viewed here).

As this post comes in the week in which Thanksgiving falls, I’ve decided to focus on the kind acts I’ve witnessed in my little section of BlogLand and give thanks for these acts.

1. An amazing woman – friend – who I’ve met through BlogLand did something so truly wonderful and so very kind, it literally made my yearShe knows who she is – but will remain nameless here – and I cannot ever thank her enough. As I said to her, if I could hug her, I don’t think I’d let go for at least a day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

2. I am so, so thankful for all the ladies (but also some men!) who come and read my blog. Thank you. It really is so kind of you. And for those of you who comment on my writing – all of whom leave the loveliest, kindest, sweetest, comments: thank you. To know that something I’ve written has grabbed your attention enough for you to take time to leave me a comment, it bowls me over every time it happens. Thank you for your kindness xxx

3. I was nominated for an award a few weeks ago, for my blog. Thank you Britney and Charlotte for the nomination: it was so kind of you! Thanks, also, Sami Anne for the nomination: I will be posting about it, promise! [It was so kind of you, thank you!].

4. The ever-wonderful Chelsea posted about a lovely little book here and has a few copies to give away just because. It struck me as a pretty wonderfully kind thing to do, to offer copies of the book she loves to her readers just because!

A whole bunch of kind acts that make me smile every time I think about them and make me want to continue developing my little section of BlogLand. You read about it everywhere, about how wonderful the community aspect of blogging isI myself have really come to realise, in the last few weeks, how truly wonderful it is that we can throw pieces of our soul out in to the world, in our blog posts, and have people come and kindly appreciate what we write. We then make connections via those little signs of appreciation and our world seems that much fuller, that much kinder because we realise our thoughts and our words matter. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Thank you all of my readers…thank you for coming, for staying, for commenting, for making my troubles that much easier to bear through all of your kindnesses. Thank you.

Saw this and had to post it:


Have a lovely weekend, ladies.

Hug your loved ones close.

Smile – it feels good.

Laugh – it feels even better.

Be kind – you never know what impact that might have on the person receiving your kindness.

[Didn’t add the link thingy this week but will do so next week…..Charlotte posted a lovely KCF post here]


19 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday Volume 8

  1. blondeusk says:

    Good post I Will Bloom! Just sat here thinking of something I have done today that has made someone smile….I got the teas and coffees in at work (does this count?)….

    There are some lovely bloggers out there who chuck me some writing encouragement every now and then. Without them my blog would be about a writer jacking in her craft.. 🙂

    Stay smiling I Will Bloom 🙂


  2. Chelsea says:

    It has been by far the most unexpected and beautiful part about blogging. Getting to “know” people, to have them comment and share thoughts on part of your heart that you display, it can be so scary but so wonderful! I find the pieces I’m most nervous about are the ones that mean the most!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Indeed, it’s definitely for me as well absolutely one of the best parts of blogging. And I agree: those posts where I feel a bit nervous/uncomfy before I hit ‘publish’ are always the ones that end up meaning more to myself and to readers. There’s a lesson in there for us, I think – and a source of courage!


  3. Basking in your wonderful way of extending appreciation to those your heart is grateful for. Gratitude is the way home.


  4. Helen, you leave love, encouragement and smiles in your wake. Every time I see one of your comments at my blog, I give thanks. You, who are enduring so much, take the time to bring life. Thank you, thank you.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Ashley, thank you so much – you know, it’s just who I am….and it’s giving me so much strength in these dark days……I’m so grateful for it. [Thank you xxxx]


  5. Shauna841505 says:

    Thank YOU for bringing smiles to our faces! 🙂


  6. Eva says:

    Reading your Kindness Counts posts always inspire me and make me feel better. I’ve started going through at least five things I’m grateful for every night and, because of it, I go to bed with a smile. It’s so lovely. Thank you for your post about being grateful, it was the added nudge I needed to make it a daily thing 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Oh, that’s such a nice thing to say: that my KCF posts inspire you and make you feel better [I’m blushing now ;)]. *So* happy to hear you’ve been keeping a gratitude list and that it’s helping you (it’s such a *simple* thing to do with such amazing – and long-lasting – effects)…..


      • Eva says:

        After just a week of doing it and having not been so diligent about keeping one before, I saw HUGE differences from past experiences. So, truly, thank you so much! I like the sound of “long-lasting effects”, too, haha!


      • iwillbloom says:

        I’m really so so pleased it’s helping you…


  7. Rachel G says:

    That picture “Be the reason someone smiles today”–I’ll try my best to obey it! 🙂 And your closing comment about remembered kindness reminded me of something that happened to me once that I wrote about here:


    • iwillbloom says:

      Oh, I’m sure you already make a lot of people smile each day 🙂 Loved your post….it’s exactly these *little* things that are so necessary in our lives. I love to imagine what the world would look like if we all engaged in these selfless little acts.


  8. BambiLeigh says:

    You’re posts always make me feel so positive!


  9. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kindness really does go the distance, no matter where you live, you can feel kindness even on the other side of the world (as I have felt from you!)


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