Blogmas 2014

I’ve been looking for a Christmas-themed blogging challenge and the lovely Liane introduced me to this – from Sandra – which is just the ticket:


I’ll be blogging along to the prompts for all of December….

I can’t wait…..!

[Did I ever mention that I LOVE CHRISTMAS? I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT!]

I’m hoping a few of you might join in?

[Because December wouldn’t be December without sharing!]


16 thoughts on “Blogmas 2014

  1. Lizelle says:

    i miiiiiiight have to do this! I’ve been itching to start talking Christmas haha


  2. Liane says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re going to join in! I’m such a Christmas junkie! Cannot wait to start this 🙂


  3. Barbara says:

    So, perhaps this will give me the starts I need to write for another 25 day period, every day – or at least TRY!!! Now that the hectic Thanksgiving/Christmas has passed – with a lot of FUN and FROLIC and FOOD and … am exhausted today!!! Another challenge is just what I need to keep my mind going and my hands typing!!! Thanks for the idea ladies!!


  4. Tara says:

    What a cool idea! I might have to play along.


  5. Absolutely love the name of your blog and this creative idea. Happy Holiday blogging!


  6. What fun! I’ll have to bookmark and read along! I’m not sure I’m up for lots of writing this month, but I’ll definitely read!


  7. karrileea says:

    Wow – that is such a great list… I don’t know that I could do it every day through December – but what a great idea for a series!


  8. Carrie Ann says:

    OK…going to join you on this one…since I LOVE CHRISTMAS too!! ☺


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