100 posts – yippee!


I’ve just published 100 posts on I Will Bloom. 100 posts in 3 months, since my very first post for Blog-tember on 1st September.

I’ve found I’m quite emotional about it. It definitely feels like a milestone for me, in so many ways. Blogging – writing, posting, the community – has kept me going through one of the darkest periods of my life when, some days, I simply didn’t know how I’d pick myself up, let alone keep going.

I’m so thankful for all of the people who visit me here, for all of you who leave comments, for all of you who email me to check I’m OK [and go that extra mile – you know who you are ;)], for all the Blog-tember ladies, for all of the ladies at Five Minute Friday, all of the people who join in Karen Beth’s Tuesdays at Ten link-up, for everyone I’ve met through my little incursions in to BlogLand.

I’ve gained so much strength from you all, have learnt so many, many valuable lessons from blogging here, have been humbled in the presence of so many wonderful – truly wonderful – ladies (and men!) who leave a piece of their own hearts on their own blogs – so we can all be lightened and enlightened by their creativity – and who come and visit to leave a little bit of themselves for me, in response to my leaving my heart wide open (sometimes) on I Will Bloom.

I honestly, honestly, can’t give enough thanks for you all, for the delights blogging at I Will Bloom has brought me. It’s been an oasis of calm, normality and hope for me over these past few months. I’ve learnt, more than anything, over these past few months that if we have even the tiniest shred of hope, we can make it through.

Your reactions to my posts, and the community I’ve found through I Will Bloom, have strengthened my resolve to blog regularly and to devote a part of my energies to developing I Will Bloom to be the place, the community, I envisage.

I offer you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude: here’s to the next 100 posts and to forming deeper, long-lasting friendships.

I’m at a loss for words to express how very much I’m looking forward to it.


21 thoughts on “100 posts – yippee!

  1. blondeusk says:

    Yay! Congrats – 100 posts in an achievement! Glad I follow you 🙂


  2. Liane says:

    Yay! Congratulations 🙂 I’m so happy that I found you through the blogtember challenge! x


  3. Barbara says:

    Awesome!! That is quite a feat – I hope to get there some day?! I have enjoyed following your story as it somewhat resembles mine some years ago when I was also a single mom! Reading others blogs give me encouragement as well and helps me to continue writing; although I haven’t done much lately…keep up the writing! I’ll keep up the reading and following!!


  4. Lizelle says:

    Congrats Lady Helen!!! I share in your happiness and I’m so grateful for your presence in my life through the vehicle of blogging. Rooting for ya, you’re in my heart 🙂


  5. Oh wow thats awesome! X


  6. Chelsea says:

    Yay! Way to go- you are a noble and driven woman! I started almost two months before you and still only have eighty something and I feel pretty maxed out just accomplishing those!



  7. Liz says:

    Congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment!! 🙂


  8. Britney says:

    wow that’s so amazing! i am not even halfway there yet. you are amazing helen and i am so glad you are here writing in your space. :]


  9. Congrats!!! You are so amazing!


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