December 5th – Favourite Christmas food

Oh my…could there possibly be two more delicious words in the English language? Christmas and food?! Christmas food? The thought is almost too much to bear!

I have lots of favourite Christmas foods, but, really, the whole day of food is one of my favourite ‘food days’ of the year…



Strawberries and champagne (at some point before dinner); cinnamon rolls; date and walnut cake with a thick slice of butter; coconut cake (with a thick slice of butter); eggs with cheese and tomato (yum!)….any combination of those will do me for my Christmas breakfast (with a few chocolates sneaked in somewhere!)…..champagne and strawberries are, however, obligatory….and, whilst I don’t drink at all, I am determined to have my champagne – alone – this Christmas!

Dinner (‘Lunch’ for those Southern Brits who might be reading!)


I don’t know what we’ll be having for Christmas dinner yet but it will, no doubt, include braised red cabbage with berries (one of my Dad’s recipes); honey glazed carrots; brussel sprouts (I’m a big fan); cheddar mashed potatoes; and my son has requested duck with berry sauce as the ‘main course’…I’m vegetarian and usually concoct some sort of ‘last minute’ pie with chestnuts/blue cheese/mushrooms (delish!)…

Pudding (‘Desert’ for the posh ones amongst my readership!)


The highlight of my Christmas Day, quite literally, is the Christmas pudding (laced with a bit of brandy and heaped with whipped cream). My mouth is watering at the mere thought! Then, after the Christmas pudding – and not quite a decent ‘belly rest’ period later…some Christmas cake. Sneak in a mince pie (or two) and some jam tarts and ‘lemon curds’ (as my Gran called – and my Mum calls – them) and that’s about it for the Christmas Day pudding quotient.

Tea (‘Supper’ – again, for the posh ones who’re reading!)


Round about 3.30, you have that moment where you feel you’ll never want to eat again LIKE EVER but it starts to roll around to 6ish and you start drooling about the cheese board, the Hovis biscuits, the pickles and chutneys (oh, Branston pickle, how I miss you so!), the grapes, the nuts….

8pm, you’re a little tipsy (I’ll blame it on sole-champagne sipping this year!) and the only thing for it is to crash in front of a film…..It’s a Wonderful Life anyone?!

[Can’t wait to hear about your food favourites….I’m honestly amazed I don’t weigh about as much as a medium-sized elephant, just thinking about all the Christmas treats!]

[Thanks, Sandra, for the Blog-mas prompts: am loving joining in!]


23 thoughts on “December 5th – Favourite Christmas food

  1. blondeusk says:

    Amazing blog post – my stomach is now rumbling after reading that. I love braised red cabbage and I think it makes a Christmas dinner. I am a main event sort of girl so I don’t do the puddings but I do enjoy an Irish coffee after. Thx for making me realise how hungry I am 🙂


  2. Lizelle says:

    Great post, would love to eat I mean have a Brithish Christmas some day yum :d Glad we’re not the only ones who eat a rediculous amount that day lol I’m looking forward to it!


  3. Liane says:

    Can you not get Branston Pickle over there?? How do you survive!! Lol.

    Loved this post! As you know in struggle with food but I love all the food on Christmas Day! x


  4. Angel Jem says:

    Thank God Christmas is only once a year! And how DO you manage without Branston?


    • iwillbloom says:

      Yes….otherwise we all really would be like medium-sized elephants, LOL!!!!! Don’t ask how I manage without Branston….or Angel Delight….or M&S food….or mint chocolate Aeros….or ….or…..or…..[I get too sad :(]


  5. I am seriously going to come to your house for Christmas this year LOL the food sounds so good and yummy. I have to say that Christmas and Easter are my favorite times of the year for food. I make mince pies all the time and love them. If you like mince pies check my blog out later this month because I will be posting a cookie recipe that uses the mince pie filling. Its so good.. merry christmas fellow blogmas-er 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hah! The more the merrier in our home – and we’ll be just three this year 😦 Mincemeat COOKIES….OMG…….I’ll be the first one jotting the recipe down and then MAKING them….and probably EATING THEM ALL MYSELF!!!!! {Can’t view your blog, don’t know why??}


  6. Barbara says:

    Well, since we don’t really have our menu set up yet – and we had the turkey, etc. at Thanksgiving…I think a trip to YOUR house might be in order! Your food sounds YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing this with Blogmas 2014…think it’s time to go eat breakfast; you’ve made me HUNGRY!!


  7. Rachel G says:

    It looks like we come from quite different food traditions for Christmas, which made it especially interesting to read of the foods you’re looking forward to! I think the thing I will miss most this year is my homemade Christmas cookies–I’ve got some great cookie recipes, but no oven to make them with!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Oh Rachel, no cookies?! You’ll have to go on a cookie hunt instead….I challenge you to find 5 different varieties of cookies (that could be deemed decent Christmas cookies) in the place where you live! (I am imagining, of course, that there are shops that sell imported goods?)


  8. hopecarrart says:

    what the heck is a Branston Pickle? everyone else seems to know except for ME! I’m going to google it. Let’s see, what will we have for Christmas? Probably a seafood gumbo because everything is quite crazy trying to go from house to house where there will be food in all locations, but we will all gather over my husband’s famous Gumbo with plenty of seafood, good french bread and a light salad, lots of Bloody Mary’s, I got too tipsy on French 75 last year and have sworn it off (between me and you only, everyone else do not read, I left a note in my Christmas Ornaments not to drink the stuff this year to remind myself how quite out of control I felt) ha. Lots of desserts will be floating around, pecan pies, chess pies, buttery pound cakes, and I have never had a Christmas pudding, but your photos were awesome and made me want to jump into the screen. Have a wonderful day.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Hope….Branston pickle….see here ( it’s basically a REALLY DELICIOUS jarred pickle that’s really popular in England….LOVE the idea of your seafood gumbo (oh my, I’d LOVE that recipe!)… funny about you getting tipsy….and how you left the note in with your ornaments!…..I’m posting the recipe for the Christmas pudding on the 10th…..(it’s DELICIOUS!)……


  9. Carrie Ann says:

    That was fun to read!! Such different types of food you are looking forward to. I personally am not a big food person, I’m more of a cookies and cakes kinda person. 🙂


  10. Sandra says:

    Date and Walnut Cake with a thick slather of butter…..yes please. I love it the next morning toasted with butter too. As for the Branston Pickle, you can actually buy it through Amazon 🙂


  11. Wow! Like restaurant worthy fare there Lady! Yum, yum, yummy!! What I really love is your champagne and strawberry moments! Lol Truly your food sounds heavenly. Tis the season for eating and enjoying guilt free as the calories don’t count that day, right?

    Now I’m hungry and off to find something to munch – thank you very much. 😉


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