December 6th – Opening the presents


The other day, my son came up to me, very serious, and asked, “Mama, we’ll still be having a stocking and then Santa will leave the presents under the tree for us too?”. [He’s been worrying about all the changes he’s seen happening at home and, I think, just wanted me to put his mind at rest that there wouldn’t be unpleasant and unexpected changes to Santa’s routines too]. I calmed him and then got to thinking about what traditions the littles will grow up with regarding their present opening….

On Christmas Eve, they’re allowed to open one present which ‘magically’ appears under the tree around bedtime. Then they run off to bed with their stocking, which they leave at the end of their bed, to be filled by Santa as they sleep. All bets are off as to which one wakes up first (the record was my son, one year, at 4am!)…and once they’re awake, we open the presents in their stockings. About half way through, however, they’re itching to run to the tree and see what Santa’s left there for them. They get the go-ahead to run and it’s giggles and laughter all the way to the tree then sighs and ‘Wowee’ and ‘Oh I knew we’d been good‘ as they reach the tree and see all the presents underneath. Then it’s each to their own, a mad present-opening frenzy!

There’s nothing quite so special in your whole life, is there, as those ‘Santa’ moments: the one before you fall asleep on Christmas Eve, when you really really want to stay awake to see if you can see him (or, at least, hear his bells); and the one when you wake up and you see he’s been and you literally can’t contain the excitement because you can’t wait to see what presents he’s left!

I am looking forward so much to Christmas Eve/Christmas Day this year…I can’t wait to hear their giggles as they run to the tree, see their faces as they see all the presents under the tree, feel their excitement as they open them all…it’s moments like those that make a Mama’s heart sing….does anyone else get an enormous amount of satisfaction from clearing away all the discarded paper afterwards? I love it…it feels like a job well done to clear all that paper away: happiness fulfilled for the two most important people in your life.

[Joining in with Blogmas – thanks so much, Sandra, for organising it!]


14 thoughts on “December 6th – Opening the presents

  1. Barbara says:

    LOVE those special Christmas Eve and Christmas morning memories…and so endearing that your son felt things would be different with all the changes. It is the “little ones” that suffer the most; and just don’t really know what is going on and what will change and what won’t. I went through a divorce when my 2 oldest children were around 5 and 7 (we separated when they were 4 and 6; but the divorce was final about a year later). So many changes – but I LOVE that you are now able to make your own traditions for the children…and they WILL BE special…can’t wait to read about this year’s special days!! Thank you for sharing…I need to get mine written for today!!


  2. Lizelle says:

    That ‘oh I knew we’d been good’ just gets me in the heart ❤ I didn't grow up like this over here but it sounds beautiful. Tis moments like these that make look forward even more to having a family of my owns someday. Oh and I love just seeing all the wrapping scattered about after. It just makes me feel amazing! Like yes, we came together and loved on each other and for another year it was grand 🙂 .


  3. Britney says:

    Ooo I love it 🙂 I love the way it felt growing up,opening presents. Sadly it’s not the same for me since I grew up…it’ll get better when I have kids though I’m sure


  4. Carrie Ann says:

    It’s so much fun when the kids are little!! I loved this post, it just made me smile, I could feel the excitement. Your kids will have such good memories that they will remember and pass down to their families.


  5. I just love this post and the way you shared it – I can just see this all happening in your home. So sweet.
    And I love that they put their stockings on the ends of their bed. What a great idea and wonderful tradition. 😉

    So fun to read all the posts! Thanks for sharing. xo


  6. Liane says:

    I get the same feelings over the little ones excitement! Mine get to open a gift the night before and it’s always brand new PJ’s, they open them before their bath and then afterwards we snuggle down to watch a movie and then it’s off to bed!

    I cannot wait for this year now that Emilie is a little bit older even though she still has no idea what Christmas is! x


  7. Jhona O. says:

    Such sweet words and moments…I can just picture. Took me back to my own little ones. They like us to keep up our regular tradition of leaving milk and cookies. They also look forward to reading the letter that Santa leaves them. I love this holiday! I really hope that your Christmas is beyond spectacular!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Many thanks for your comment….I’d forgotten about the milk and biscuits (we do that too!)….and, wow, I’m so impressed that Santa leaves a letter! Hoping you have the most wonderful Christmas too!


  8. i always love christmas but since having a child I love it even more. To be a child again. They say and do it best don’t they?


  9. Sandra says:

    Me, I love the cleaning up of the wrapping paper, it always gives me a sense of satisfaction 🙂


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