FMF: Dear

Joining in with Five Minute Friday (on a Saturday – was just too tired last night to write!). This weeks word: Dear


[A letter from my future self to my present self]


6th December 2019

Dear Helen,

You’ve come a long way since those dark days of 2013/2014. You didn’t think you’d come through but you did, you managed. You managed to keep yourself together and keep your home together. And, most importantly, you managed to keep everything as stable as possible for XXX and XXX, so that their childhood wasn’t affected as much as it could have been. You should be proud of yourself for that. Very proud.

You’re a strong woman, with so many gifts. I’m so glad to see that you took all of that strength, and all of those gifts, and brought beauty forth, out of the darkness. You managed to reestablish your businesses, you managed, against all odds, to set up a new business and it’s prospering now. You have a new – untouchable – legacy to leave to XXX and XXX and you have set them up well for their future. That’s an achievement to take pride in.

You made a list, five years ago, of all the things you’d like to do after 40, and you’re working your way through it. The world didn’t get smaller for you. You made it get bigger. That list – and the thought of living those experiences – kept you going during some of your darkest days and now you’re enjoying the fruits of your hope and your belief that you would do these things. Hope – belief – are powerful forces and you should continue to use them in your life. Because you know you want to do so much more with your life. As you’ve shown, when tragedy strikes, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a new beginning. And, as you know, new beginnings lead to marvellous new adventures and marvellous new paths, to places you never imagined.

You learnt many lessons from your dark days, because you listened to what life was trying to teach you. You learnt, for example, that life offers its most wonderful treasures to those who are brave enough to seek them. By learning these lessons, you not only enhanced your own life but led XXX and XXX to a new perspective on the troubles you all faced. You taught them, by example – through them seeing you be strong, seeing you have faith and hope and belief – that they have to go out and seize life and live it and enjoy every damn moment of it. Because life’s too short not to enjoy every beautiful moment of it. That’s one of the most important gifts you’ve ever given them.

You did good, girl. You fought, you protected, you nurtured. You’ve two fine, outstanding, children now, in XXX and XXX. They still have open hearts, a generous spirit, kindness for one and all. They’re growing in to fine human beings. You’ll be so proud of them. Just as they are of you.

Keep doing good.





16 thoughts on “FMF: Dear

  1. imlovedbychrist says:

    Lovely letter Helen!
    Pray God guides you always as you nurture XXX and XXX. Blessings sis!


  2. Barbara says:

    What a beautiful letter from your Future Self!! You have survived as well my friend!!! Thank you for sharing your heart once again!!


  3. hopecarrart says:

    oh!, that’s the best post yet! Your words are powerful and will bring inspiration to so many following you. You are one strong woman.


  4. micey says:

    Love your letter to yourself! I am a survivor of domestic abuse too. It’s a hard road to travel. But I just kept going. I’m happily divorced now for 27 years. I have 2 grown sons who love me despite all my craziness. I’ve made lots of terrible mistakes along the way. They have different dads, but a Father who has seen them through. The oldest isn’t speaking to God, they had a falling out when he was a teenager. The youngest just fell in love with Jesus a year ago. Just keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other. He will be with you and see you through as well! 😀


  5. poetry joy says:

    Wow, what a wonderful, powerful post! I just LOVE this so much. You are a shining example of how to live as an overcomer as you “brought beauty forth, out of the darkness”. You are strong and amazingly courageous, having picked yourself up, dusted yourself down and started again, as well as offering God-given wisdom to others: “life offers its most wonderful treasures to those who are brave enough to seek them.” Amen, friend! May you continue to press past all that holds you back and fly the flag for others who seek the freedom you are embracing. You’re an inspiration! God bless you. xox 🙂


  6. I LOVE this Helen! It’s also very important. I think it’s so important that you love yourself and give yourself this kind of encouragement.
    God bless dear Gal. xoxo


  7. chelses says:

    Oh you doing very well love, and it’s a great hing to remind yourself and encourage and believe in yourself, one of things I admire most about you, is to pick out things about you and what you’ve done and be proud!


  8. Francesca says:

    This letter to your future self is really meaningful… I know how you feel, because I’m passing an hard time of my life too, but I’m fighting for my happiness and my dreams.
    I have the luckiness to have next to me my sweet parents, a lovely sister and many many beautiful friends that encourage me.
    Life helps us, even if outside there is the darkest night ever…

    A great hug



    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Francesca, we have to fight for happiness and dreams….if we lose those, there’s no hope…..So pleased you have support, so so pleased….and I agree, life does help us even in the darkest darkest nights…..a great big hug right back at you. Best wishes [I *will* one day write to you in Italian!] xxx


  9. Gabriele says:

    Helen, that was beautiful. My favorite part was where you said your children are still open-hearted. I think you are, too. That is the triumph to adversity.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thanks Gabriele: that was my favourite bit too, as I think it’s so important that we’ve managed to come through relatively unscathed in many ways (the important ways: physical wounds heal….)…thank you *so* much for your comment – you are obviously so perceptive and kind xxx


  10. Awesome words my lovely x


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