Sian’s Christmas Club


Sian, a long-standing online friend, ran a series called Storytelling Sundays in which she invited fellow bloggers to gather round and tell stories one Sunday a month. I loved it. It all started in 2010 with her Christmas Club, where she invited us to tell Christmas stories on December Sundays. Sian hasn’t been hosting either link-up since the end of 2013 and I’m so pleased that she’s resurrected her Christmas Club. As soon as I saw her announce it, I knew I’d definitely be joining in.

Her prompt, this time, is to begin with the words, ‘At Christmas we….’.

Here goes….

At Christmas we always used to batten down the hatches after my Dad had arrived home from work on Christmas Eve. He’d arrive around 3 (a special treat for all of us, him leaving work early) and he’d declare, as he stepped through the door, “Christmas is here!”. There’d have been a palpable sense of anticipation from us three children from about lunchtime onwards as we waited for him to arrive and waited for Christmas to be declared officially begun. We’d run to the door when we heard the car pull up and literally almost rugby tackle him to the floor, so unable to contain our excitement we were. We’d pop on a Christmas film and Mum and Dad would crack out a merry drink and we’d just relax, all together, as a family. It was a wonderful – a special – time. We’d play a board game or just sit and tell stories…simple stuff with the people we love…life doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

A few days before this, we’d always nip over to both sets of grandparents, to collect their Christmas presents. This was very exciting, despite it always following the same patterns (or, actually, because it followed the same patterns?). We’d go to my Dad’s parents first and, afterwards, in the car on the way up to my Gran and Grandad’s (my Mums parents), all three of us would goggle over the presents spilling out of the bags, laughing (with affection) at the way my Grandma would wrap the presents. She was not a great Christmas present wrapper, bless her. There’d be some presents with not enough wrap (offering a delicious sneak peek of clues to its contents!), some with way too much paper and all of them with clear sellotape wound round and round them many, many times (much to our frustration, as they’d be really hard to open!). Then we’d arrive to my Gran and Grandad’s and be welcomed with Christmas fare and sherry, and a warm warm fire, to stories from my Grandad and chuckles all round as we listened to him and soaked it all in. Then we’d be off, a great big black sack full of presents added to the ones already tempting us from the boot of the car. On the way home, we’d tease each other about what we’d find…for they were always practical, very practical, gifts from Gran and Grandad. Unfailingly, there’d be a torch for each of us, and a pair of slippers and a selection box (yum!) and a diary and a new pen…..I’d love unwrapping these gifts as I knew they’d been selected with such love, such practicality as to what we actually needed and what would be useful for us.

At Christmas we would share the best of times.


12 thoughts on “Sian’s Christmas Club

  1. Barbara says:

    I LOVED sharing your Christmas memories with you…I am sooooo over-whelmed now with different prompts and blogs and posts, etc. I had to do my Sunday reflections, Blogmas and The Simple Woman’s Daybook today! And then Tuesdays @ Ten and Five Minute Friday this week along with more of the Blogmas! I am certainly NOT complaining! But this has been a really busy season already; and this week is also busy. I take the time out of my days to read other bloggers; and sometimes end up late at night getting mine written…no problem! It keeps me busy (or busier!!). Thanks for sharing your “At Christmas we…” – I just might have to check it out!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara, yes, it can feel a bit overwhelming, can’t it? But it’s such fun!


      • Barbara says:

        Yes, it IS overwhelming…but YES it IS such fun! I am actually enjoying this writing thing…my husband can’t understand what I do on the computer so much every day. I just tell him I am writing and reading others peoples writing – he doesn’t understand the technical jargon…blog or any of the other stuff!! But, overwhelmed or not, I will continue…it actually helps!


      • iwillbloom says:

        So glad you have found something you love to do and that is helping you… glad to be a part of that!!


  2. Sian says:

    The best of times, indeed. That’s what my Mum said yesterday. Some times are the best, some times we’re making the best of what there is, eh? and it’s all Christmas. I loved reading this and I’m absolutely chuffed that you joined in. Thank you 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Sian…indeed….I’m so happy that you started Christmas Club again! [You know, I think ‘best’ will be my word for 2015…do the best with what you have; do the next ‘best’ thing….be my best….encourage the best in others….I’ve been mulling it over for a while and now it seems to have been concreted in my mind].


  3. What a wonderful post so full of happy memories. I hope you & your children will have ‘the best’ Christmas. Thank you for visiting me. x


  4. I love this! You painted such a cozy and cheery Christmas with your family. Loved visualizing the fire and the *not nearly wrapped enough gifts*


  5. Lizelle says:

    what a beautiful post!! ;.; I have a friend like that, the practical one, she always bys things like slippers and hair products and such haha crazy gal but i love the gesture all the same because it’s so her and so thoughtful 🙂 It’s always that at the end of the day, that they’ve mixed a little bit of them and a little bit of you together to create a wonderful gift. The fun is finding out which parts they’ve put together that year 😀


  6. Becky says:

    Oh how I enjoyed reading your Christmas memories here! Thanks for sharing them 🙂


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