December 9th – Christmas ‘can’t live without list’

Today’s Blogmas prompt is, “Winter items you can’t live without”. As I’m currently stuck in a winter-less place, I thought I’d modify the prompt and write about my “Christmas ‘can’t live without list'”.


What makes Christmas Christmas for me? Sparkly fairy lights. Tinsel (the thicker and shinier the better!). Mince pies. Christmas pudding (oh my goodness – yum!). Christmas crackers (complete with hat and joke and toys!). Pantomime. Frost on the ground. Snowflakes. Robins. And much, much more…

I’ve been wondering why we all have such wonderful Christmas memories (many from childhood) and I think it’s because Christmas is such a sensory time. Full of particular smells and tastes and sounds and sights and pronounced, palpable, emotions. All of our senses are aroused – on alert – at Christmas and so we feel alive hyper-alive, because of the excitement and the anticipation and the hope we hold in our hearts, to receive the presents we hope for, to see a world that’s a little bit kinder at Christmas.

I know, from my own childhood, when I think back, the things I remember are always connected to multiple senses being aroused: the feel of snow on my skin and the cold seeping through my clothes and the feel of arriving back in to a warm, warm house smelling of cinnamon and satsumas. The sound of the Christmas carols in the background with the taste of mince pies and the excitement of a relative popping by. There’s just so much to experience at Christmas. We’re more aware, more alive, because our surroundings demand it of us: so much goodness to be savoured at every turn. We don’t want to miss out on any of it.


31 thoughts on “December 9th – Christmas ‘can’t live without list’

  1. Angel Jem says:

    Good list! You are quite right, when I look back at my childhood Christmases I can really remember the sensory elements; the feel of my sheepskin mittens aged 12, the smell of an almond haircare set aged 13 and the sound (full pelt) of War of The Worlds at 6am played by my brother on the record player!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Oh yes….in absolute agreement….I still remember the smell of my Strawberry Shortcake doll from one Christmas – which made me feel decidedly green after a while!


  2. Lizelle says:

    I think you put it perfectly, it really is such a sensitive time of being aware that you are alive, that you have hopes and pleasures and that you are not an island.
    I didn’t realise it till you wrote it but even in my what Christmas means to me post it was all about the taste and the feel and what we see and so…
    What a chief observation Lady!


  3. Barbara says:

    Great post! I love the fact that you turned the “winter-less” Christmas into one that we all FEEL! I took a bit of a humorous approach to mine since our winters are far less challenging than others may be…for us, it is winter and cold when it hits the 40’s; but normal can be 60’s or 70’s.


  4. Chelsea says:

    Well said! I remember such happy memories from my childhood Christmas- it was feelings of comfort and love, a sense of stability. It’s those memories I strive to recreate!


  5. Joyful says:

    I totally agree with Christmas memories and sensory. The smells are one of the greatest memories that come back to me! Enjoyed visiting with you today! 🙂


  6. Penny Krabel says:

    What a beautiful list. You are so right about Christmas time being sensory 🙂 Merry Christmas !


  7. Peechy says:

    You are sooooo right!! Christmas is sensory for true. The smells, sights, sounds all add up to a word that can’t be put into one word. Great post.


  8. Liane says:

    You are so right about it being such a sensory time. I’ve never thought about it like that but it’s so true!


  9. Eva says:

    There really is something about Christmas, isn’t there? There’s just something in the air! I love the way you write about it 🙂


  10. Carrie Ann says:

    Loved how you changed this up!! Yes…the sparkly the better!! I love snow…the cold…not so much. I would definitely miss snow.


  11. Sandra says:

    Oh yes, definitely a sensory time of year, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love fairy lights and have them in my living room all year long 🙂


  12. I LOVED reading this – and I could visualize everything so well. Truly lovely.

    I have always wondered, being from the U.S. I don’t have a clue, what is a minced pie? Lol


  13. I LOVED reading this – and I could visualize everything so well. You gave us a feast for the senses!

    I have always wondered, being from the U.S. I don’t have a clue, what is a minced pie? Lol


  14. Tamy says:

    I love how you modified this! I don’t know if I could survive in a place without winter.


  15. “The things I remember are always connected to multiple senses!” This is so true around Christmas and I just love it 🙂


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