December 15th – Christmas decorations

Another lovely Blogmas prompt: to talk about Christmas decorations. In England, we understand ‘Christmas decorations’ as the tree and it’s baubles (the items we use to adorn the tree). So, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Our tree is a bit of a free-for-all: it’s got baubles that the children have made, baubles the children have purchased each year since they were very little, baubles from my Gran and Grandad (that are around 85 years old!), baubles we’ve picked up from different places over the years….a little bit of everything. It wouldn’t ever win any prizes for design but it’s ours, all ours, and we love it!

There’s nothing quite beats the feeling of unpacking all the baubles, from their special boxes, and seeing them all again a year after they’d been packed away with such love. My daughter shares my love of this and, this year, she could barely contain her excitement as she unwrapped them all. It was such a beautiful moment.

Here are some of our special baubles:


My daughter’s handprint when she was one (there are three for my son, too, and another couple for my daughter); one of my Gran and Grandad’s glass baubles from when they were married; a silver triangle my daughter made at nursery; a felt Post Box from Oxford (my son’s choice last year); knitted ornaments from one of my best friends; a wool felted ornament I saw on Etsy and had to have (special reasons); a tree my son made; a snowman my son made; Santa envelopes (they write notes to him and he sends them notes back!); from a German Christmas market; a snowman they made last year; a whisk from my brother’s tree (bit of an argument over this one, as my daughter doesn’t like it at all and keeps taking it off the tree and hiding it!); an ornament from a local craftsman; a star from my son when he was four; a salt dough ornament from my daughter when she was younger; a horse my son chose when he was three.

And more….!


A glass home from my Gran and Grandad; my son’s Santa envelope; my son’s horse from when he was four; an angel my daughter made at nursery last year; an angel that somehow has always reminded me of my Gran!; a Santa a friend made for us; lace ornaments from my Great Aunt; a dove (purchased this year; it speaks ‘peace’ to me when I see it); an angel I made when I was little; a teddy bear my son made; a penguin that’s a source of discussion (my son bought it, and my daughter doesn’t like it!); glass ornaments from my Grans home…and the others are repeated photos…

I love looking at our tree when the children are in bed and the house is quiet. Each and every bauble brings me so many beautiful memories, of people who have passed away but who left me so much, of my children when they were younger, of good Christmas times. I take all these memories and re-fill myself with love, feeling that little bit stronger as I feel the connection to my family, my home, my roots.


20 thoughts on “December 15th – Christmas decorations

  1. Liane says:

    You have some beautiful decorations! James is the same as your daughter when it comes to unpacking the baubles, he gets so excited and wants to hear the stories behind each one.

    Such a magical time of year!


  2. Chelsea says:

    Perfection! This reminds me of our tree, no theme or design just memories and signs that children are around, homemade trinkets filled with hope and remembrance. So sweet. I love how your little girl is so adamant in her decor, cracks me up. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Sian says:

    A free for all tree is the very best kind. I wouldn’t have ours any other way either


  4. Barbara says:

    Well, I could just direct MY readers to YOUR post – it is so much like my story…only I had a couple of other stories within the post that I will be sharing – when I write it today!! But, our tree had so many similarities to yours…with the homemade ornaments and those the children pick out each year (or I pick out for them). Loved reading the traditions and history of the baubles (love that word!! We use “ornaments”). Thank you for sharing!


  5. hopecarrart says:

    We have only a few of the original ornaments from childhood and when the children were young, take good care of them, they are priceless! I have been working on a blog about Christmas tree pasts too. Enjoy this holy and dear season!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Hope…..I was *so* – so – pleased that they escaped the ‘pillage’….thankfully they were in the basement room that he must have forgotten about….I honestly think if I’d lost the Christmas baubles too, that would have been the straw that broke the camels back….they’re always kept all wrapped in tissue, then carefully placed in their special boxes….they are – literally – some of the most priceless things we have in our home…..


  6. Sandra says:

    You have such beautiful decorations. My own tree has no theme, but it’s just a collection of decorations from the kids and stuff they made etc 🙂


  7. Carrie Ann says:

    It is fun looking at the ornaments from year to year. These are all so cute!! Even the penguin is cute, I think I like him the best 🙂


  8. I love your baubles! They looks so cute and cozy. I am sure they make your home cozy, comfy and warm. I love the little fuzzy penguin. And that orange star…I mean he just looks so happy I am endeared to him.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Heather….I think the orange star is one of my favourite ones too! I remember my son passing it to me, with such a smile on his face, and every time I look at it, it just makes me happy!!!!!


  9. Jhona O. says:

    Very nice! I love the felted Holy Mother and Jesus. Beautiful! So many sweet ornaments.


  10. Love the peek at each & everyone and the memories they hold! Love the one especially where your Littles can send notes back & forth to Santa. So precious & how magical & memorable for them. XO


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