December 18th – Stocking stuffer ideas

Today’s Blogmas prompt is a juicy one: “Stocking stuffers for the family”…here goes!

For my dearest darling craft-/Princess-/baking-obsessed nearly 5 year old daughter:


Nail polish (the gaudier colours the better); bags (any size, any shape, dog-shaped preferred, however, “preferably with spots like a Dalmation, Mama”); edible glitter (for the endless girly cupcakes we make!); squeezable royal icing pens (for the edgier ‘graffiti-style’ cupcakes aka “Mama has to go to the toilet, you have a go” cupcakes, LOL!!!); glitter craft set (Glitter = Heaven for a nearly 5 year old girl!); Anything FROZEN; lip gloss (in as girly a container as possible); white chocolate mini stars (for cupcake decorating sessions); glitter paint (enough said); Play-Doh; FIMO (“Ooh! Mama! Bake-able Play-Doh!” – how do four year olds have these conversations? I don’t remember talking about brands when I was four! I actually don’t remember anything I spoke about when I was four; they’re definitely The Future!); jewellery box; nail art pens (enough said); stickers (in copious quantities, as they will be stuck on anything that doesn’t move! I did, in all honesty, the other day, wake up with a sticker stuck on my eyelids – how tired must I have been that I didn’t feel her doing that?! And how scared was I when I woke up thinking I had conjunctivitis?!!).

For my explorer/scientist/crazily creative and curious, dearest darling 8.5 year old boy:


A crystal radio set (“Will keep him busy for hours” – famous last thought words!); crystal growing kit; Stencil 101 book (he’s a budding artist, loves Banksy); silly putty man (scarily fluid/solid putty type stuff that he was fascinated by when we saw it in the Science Museum); a 3-D mirascope; a compass; Optical Illusions book (he’s obsessed with 3D street art at the moment – thank heavens for youtube – and so he’d love this book); insect collector/magnifier (he fancies himself as a 21st century Alfred Russell Wallace and does amazing drawings of insects he collects. Mama thinks she’d rather have the insects he collects contained because some of them look like mini aliens – it’s one of those win-win sort of presents!); Spy Pens; 3-D drawing kit (I’d love to have a try of this one!).

For me. 40 year old, at times weary, longing-to-be-glamorous-but never-quite-making-it, scrapbook-loving Mama:


Dear Lizzy Serendipity paper pad (Oh Lizzy, I love your papers so!); earrings (It’s official! I have my appointment to pierce my ears on Saturday!!!!!!! Yay!); Mr and Mrs Gingerbread cutters; more earrings (slightly more Glam!); gold striped washi tape (need I say more?!!); Do one thing every day that scares you journal; nail polish in delicious colours; Earl Grey Tea (oh how I miss thee!); earrings (sooooo yummy!); Lapsang Souchong Tea (now you’re just taunting me Twinings, taunting me, I tell you….and, YES….I *am* open to receiving any number of free samples in return for promoting your delicious teas on my blog, LOL!!!!!); Project Life album (gold stripes; need I say more???!!); Chanel red lipstick (I’ve decided 2015 is going to be a Red Lipstick Kind Of A Year); 3-D dinosaur cookie cutters (my boys friends would flip!); earrings (glam and delicious. Yum. Double yum); Princess dress cookie cutters (one has to think of one’s Little Girl Guests, darlings!); earrings (just because they’re yummy!!!! look at them! Mint green, crystals, delicate little yellow flower. Yum!).

And that’s that. Three fantasy stocking filler lists for three decidedly real people!

Can’t wait to see everyone else’s suggestions!!!


16 thoughts on “December 18th – Stocking stuffer ideas

  1. Lizelle says:

    What a spread! Viva la tea :D!


  2. Schotzy says:

    Well, your list is so fantastic, now I need to go shop some more…. I love howyou make this wonderful collages of the items!


  3. Sian says:

    Nearly five? Oh, my..

    It seems no time since those were the kind of presents we wanted round here. Now it’s Starbucks cards and student beer money (I did find him some curry and chips flavoured chocolate to go with that!)

    I’d send you a Chanel red lippie if I could. I bought one for a friend a couple of years ago and they wrapped it so beautifully. Have one from me, in our heads anyway 🙂


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Sian….yes….nearly five!!!! Unbelievable!!!! I can only imagine how fast time flies from hereon in, as I simply can’t believe that you know who will be 9 – yes 9! – in just a few months!!!! Isn’t it a good job we scrapbook to record all these fleeting moments? Receiving the imaginary red Chanel lippie with all the affection with which it’s sent xxxx


  4. Barbara says:

    What a wonderful list! Hope you receive everything you wished for…and your children, too. I can almost see their faces…as usual, you’ve a head start with your post; I’ll get mine in a bit once I am truly awake (and fed!).


  5. I love all of your ideas and wonderful photos to go along with them! And I especially love your stocking!! Santa could get double and send us both all of those wonderful ideas!! xo


  6. Britney says:

    Are you going to get any of those on your list or is this just a wishlist?! Lol those earrings are all fabulous!!


  7. Carrie Ann says:

    This was so much fun to read!! Your kids sound very creative, I love baking and Banksy too!! So glad you’re getting your ears pierced, how exciting!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia…..yes, they are creative….always making something…..[thanks for your comment – I’m a little off kilter with my Blogmas posting/commenting and am playing ‘catch up’!!!!…will be around to visit your blog later tonight!]

      Liked by 1 person

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