December 19th – Preparing for Christmas

Day 19 of Blogmas and I find I’m saying to myself over and over:


…mostly as an admonishment because I purchased the first of the Christmas presents on the littles’ ‘Santa lists’  just two days ago! 

Blame late payments from clients. Blame whoever you want, Helen….

….but the fact of the matter is that I’ve never done my Christmas shopping so late before….

I’m half way through the lists, with presents being squirrelled away at a rate that’s actually quite alarming (from a ‘Oh my goodness, these all need to be wrapped’ point of view!)…

Wish me luck as I rise early and get to the shops today and tomorrow nice and early to avoid the majority of the crowds!

Then I just need to do a little bit more food shopping and – minus the wrapping (which I’ll do in a mammoth session on Tuesday night) – we’re set to go!!

Christmas will be happening this year! [Insert ‘audible sigh of relief’ and ‘barely concealed tears of joy’ blinkies!]

Wish me luck!

Note to self – be better prepared next year! [aka “You better blooming well make sure you’re earning at full steam, Helen”]

Note to readers and Blogmas buddies: I’ll be back commenting as normal as soon as I’ve finished my Christmas shopping! Have missed visiting your blogs these past few days, but I’ll be doing the rounds over the weekend! Can’t wait!

Note to the Universe/”Him Upstairs” (as my Gran used to say): thank you for allowing Christmas to happen at all this year (it was touch and go at one point)….your collaboration has been noted, gracefully, and infinite thanks have been uttered, at multiple times during the day (and night). I am learning to trust you, to give ourselves up to you and you are showing me the way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “December 19th – Preparing for Christmas

  1. Sian says:

    It’s kind of magic when you get that feeling it’ll be happening 🙂


  2. Barbara says:

    It IS happening – isn’t it!? And, we do need to KEEP CALM AND BE PREPARED…Guess I am much like you…I TRY to be prepared for the holidays (and birthdays and other things I want to do or buy); but stuff always get in the way…and the fact that we get paid one time each a month – the 3rd week of each month for my husband, and the 4th week of the month for me – we are usually working on the coming up month with bills, etc. And I am not very good at saving money for when I need it – it takes ALL we receive to make it, with a little left over! I plan to try harder for next year; but for this year – there has been so much going on that I am not finished shopping either! Thanks for sharing your lovely post!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara, yes…it is happening! Presents all purchased now….just need to WRAP! Totally with you on the budgeting front…’s been hard, very hard, for me this year but it’s actually made me appreciate everything to much more….


  3. Gabriele says:

    Your’re funny. I can imagine you squirreling away your presents. Ha! ha1


  4. Rachel G says:

    Yay Christmas presents!! May you and your children have a truly lovely Christmas this year!


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