Kindness Counts Friday: first one of 2015!

kindness counts

It’s Friday. It’s Kindness Counts Friday (Kim’s brilliant idea that I’m continuing whilst she’s on a blog break). Time to recount all the kind acts I’ve engaged in, received or witnessed, and time for me to ‘spread the kindness bug’ by sharing links/images about kindness that I’ve found on my travels around Internet Land. First, however, remember:


Kind acts I’ve engaged in/received:

– A blogging friend sent me a package in the mail which was so, so kind of her. It’s already being put to good use and is making me so much happier each and every day. Thank you (you know who you are!)

– A blogging friend sent me an image which really touched my heart: that she’d found it, thought of me and sent it across. It really made my day, made me so, so happy. Thank you!

– I spent the period between Christmas and New Year clearing stuff (and I thought we had very little stuff in our home – how wrong I was). I just got this incessant urge to make space (got quite desperate about it, actually). Anyway, to cut a long story short, the clearance resulted in many, many bags of things being given away. I finally got rid of the vast majority of my scrapbooking supplies (leaving only things I’ll actually use) and donated the bulk of it to a local organisation that offers art therapy. It felt good to do it and it feels so good to be living in a home with less stuff.

– We donated some food to the local food bank. It’s something we’re going to do regularly this year. I’ll just pop some ‘staple’ extras in our trolley when I do the food shopping. It is a financial commitment but one I can accommodate by making a few adjustments to our own shopping lists. I found myself becoming unable to shop for us without doing something for others who aren’t in as good a position as we are again (thankfully). I find myself – strangely perhaps? – giving thanks for the fact that we lived through weeks, last year, when I was short of money, because it’s made me so much more sensitive to other people’s situations and so much more aware of the need to help now I’m once again in a position to be able to help.


Kindness-related ideas/images:

– Love this ‘Box of Sunshine’ idea (a related Pinterest board here, with ideas on what to include etc). Imagine how cool: receiving a box of sunshine in the post!

– This image which I found on Pinterest (I can’t find the original source, sorry). Many great ideas on how to spread a little kindness:


If we live in goodness, in kindness, those things come back to us, many-fold, to enrich us in ways we can’t imagine when we make the conscious decision to be kinder.

Enjoy your weekend!

[I’m toying with the idea of setting these posts up as a ‘Kindness Counts link-up’: is this something people would be interested in joining? It takes a little while to set up the link-up, and time is often a scarce resource around these parts, but if people are interested in linking up, I’ll definitely make the effort to set up the link-up properly. Let me know!]


12 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday: first one of 2015!

  1. Oh, you gave me a laugh!

    I had a vision of my “free hugs” stand…staffed by Klingons (which is how my wife sees me).

    I would join a “kindness counts” linkup. It’s a great idea; the world needs more of this.

    (And I did get a second smile from the phrase “box of sunshine”, for the nuclear weapons fielded by the RAF in the mid 60s were known as “a bucket of sunshine”. What it takes to make a Klingon smile…)


    • iwillbloom says:

      Andrew: I saw the ‘free hug stand’ and thought exactly “Oh, yuck, that’s exactly why people don’t like to talk about kindness and being good”….but decided to post the image anyway, as there are lots of *good* ideas there too! I’ll add the link-up in from next week and will look forward to seeing your post!


  2. Barbara says:

    I love the idea of a Kindness Counts link-up!! There are sooooo many blessings we each receive (or give) every day; and sharing them with others would be awesome! I love the ones you shared in your post today: Isn’t it “lovely” to receive a card or letter or package in the mail (not including those medicines that are mail ordered; I received those regularly for my husband!)! And, to share your “resources”, your “stuff” that is no longer needed! I need to do more of the decluttering…when I go through my scrapbooking stuff, I usually give to my church that has a Children’s Art Center and can use most anything “crafty”…and buying extra things while shopping is a great way to give to others as well.

    I do think my favorite – other than the first on (receiving cards and letters and packages in the mail!!) – would be the Box of Sunshine!! Living in Florida, this would make an awesome gift to send someone living in the COLD!!

    Thank you for sharing your Kindnesses – you are a special, kind and giving person and I am soooooo happy we connected! I will post my Kindness Counts later!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Oh, Barbara….so glad you’d join in with a link-up. I’ll set it up from next week (I’m imagining you rushing to post one today? Please don’t! I imagine you have a lot on your plate already!)….such a wonderful comment, as always. They always make my day!


  3. Kindness counts link-up?! Yes yes a thousand times yes!!!


  4. Angel Jem says:

    In Trafalgar Square on holiday one year there were a bunch of people giving out free hugs. Now, I don’t know how huggy people in the USA or other parts of the world are, but We British are not famous for hugging, so these poor people were stood like one of Woolies doing nothing. I felt obliged to go and get a hug just to make THEM smile!


  5. Eva says:

    ❤ 🙂 Have you heard of/read "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin? I've been reading it and it reminds me of these kindness counts posts! Doing good makes you and everyone around you happier. A win-win situation! Thank you for always inspiring us, Helen!


  6. I am ever so grateful to you for keeping this project going. It is so inspiring to read of your kindness and I love that you’ve begun incorporating all kinds of other influences. I feel terrible to admit that I often don’t donate to the foodbank because I simply forget when I’m shopping. It’s the worst kind of excuse but I am going to add it to the top of my list for next week to hopefully change the pattern! I am so glad you posted that sunshine box, I had found it on pinterest a long time ago, didn’t pin it and have never been able to find that one again!

    Sending you all kinds of love from the freezing cold Canadian tundra today!!!


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