Kindness Counts Friday

kindness counts

It’s Kindness Counts Friday again! Yay! 

[Kim’s original idea; I’m holding fort whilst she’s on a blogging break].

Time to recount the kind acts I’ve engaged in/received/witnessed and link to any kindness-related ‘things’ I’ve seen on my travels around Internet Land.

Here goes:

Kind acts engaged in/received:

– We donated some of our time to the man who cooks meals for the homeless. We went on Tuesday afternoon and helped with the preparation for that night’s meals.

– I added some food for the food bank donation to our weekly shop. I’ll take it all there once a month.

– I wrote a piece (without charge) for a newsletter a friend needed to send out.

– I edited (without charge) a grant application a friend was sending out for funding.

– My son received a letter from a friend; beautifully written (in such wonderful hand writing!). He was over the moon!

– I received a lovely care package, from a friend in England, in the post. We were all very happy with it’s contents!

– I received a lovely handwritten letter from another friend: unexpected and so beautiful.

Kind acts/kindness related posts I’ve seen across Internet Land:

– Loved this idea! It reminded me of my Dad: he always used to watch Hallmark movies of an evening (to wind down). I used to make fun of him, a little, asking him why (my reasoning being that, surely, there were other, better, films to watch): he always said that someone had written them, that it had been important to the writer, and that he always learnt something from every single one of them. I love the idea of books wrapped in brown paper: I wonder what gems we would find in book shops if we weren’t swayed by the mighty power of marketing. It struck me as such a very kind idea: giving the ideas an opportunity to shine. Lovely. really want to go to this book shop!

This post from Stephanie Howell about how a kind disposition can help mothers

This post from Rachel about the act of a kind reader. Wonderful!

This post from Rachel – it’s an old one but I keep re-reading it, as it’s just so well written and the argument is so genius!

[Apologies: I wanted to set up the link-up for this week but my trial period has expired and I haven’t been able to figure out how to renew it as yet. Hopefully it’ll be ready for next week; if you’ve written your own Kindness Counts Friday post, leave a link to it in the comments and I’ll add your link in to my post…]


10 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday

  1. Rachel G says:

    Hey, we both got care packages this week! 🙂 I loved the story about your dad and his way of thinking about the Hallmark Channel movies, it made me smile. By the way, I consider it an act of kindness when someone takes the time to actually read what’s written instead of skimming, like we all do on the internet. It’s obvious to me that on these few recent posts when I’ve written about something that really touches my own heart, you’ve done me the kindness and honor of actually reading what I wrote, and I want to thank you for that.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Rachel, I always make sure I have a proper amount of time to read your posts, as I know they’re going to be so well written and with messages that are going to be worth my time….thank YOU!


  2. Chelsea says:

    There is not much better then handwritten mail- always makes my day. I love how you take time to work at food banks and collect foods, it’s such a beautiful thing to show your children. I really would like to do more of this.


    • iwillbloom says:

      I think it’s so important, you know. My children are blessed, live a blessed life, and its important for me to teach them that. I think that’s my main mission, as a parent, to be honest: that they never stop being aware of how lucky they are, that they’re kind and that they always live their happy….[he was so happy, you know, with all the effort she took!]


  3. Barbara says:

    Love how “giving” you are! I enjoy reading what you write about the Kindnesses…I also do things like giving things to Goodwill or one of the Hospice thrift stores; I drop money into donation boxes – usually my change…I just haven’t yet started the Kindness Counts Friday, although it is in my book to do…I just don’t seem to get one posted!

    I read the post that Rachel wrote earlier last year…and it was really a thought-provoking post! I will TRY very hard to give more than I can easily give…as much as I possibly can!

    Thanks for sharing your Kindnesses – and for sharing Rachel’s posts!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Charlotte…I’ll link up to your post next week…’s one of my favourite posts of my blogging week too!!! Thanks for joining in: hope to have the link-up up and running for next Friday….the InLinkz people don’t make it easy to understand their instructions (they need to ‘Apple-ify’ their design/instructions!)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Eva says:

    Thank you for introducing me to these other great blogs through your links! Reading your Kindness Counts posts makes me want to move already (to a country where I speak the language, hah!) so that I can better do things like this, too!


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