It’s time…


It’s time to start leaning in towards a collective, not an individual, perspective.

Time to start thinking from the soul not the ego.

Time to accept we’re all in this together.

Time to consider what we can do, what actions we can take, to make the world a little better.

Time to realise that small things do add up to big things.

To realise that the little things you do matter.

I challenge you to do something small today – whatever, anything – just do something to make your world – and therefore the world – a little better.

We can all do something small.

Imagine if we all did something small every day.

Imagine where we’d end up.



16 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. Barbara says:

    What a lovely post!! Thank you for sharing…I will try to do something small to make the world a better place – today and every day!!


  2. I always think of paying it forward. I remember seeing that movie a long time ago and: MIND BLOWN. It was a new concept for me back then.


  3. Amen Amen Amen! I completely agree Helen!
    I agree today to help out at my daughter’s school and put a focus on helping that environment be the best place it can be! One little community where I’m beginning as I continue to try to make a difference in my community as a whole.

    God bless dear Gal. xo


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia…..volunteering is so important, in so many ways, both for the place you volunteer and for the volunteer themselves….I did used to volunteer at my son’s school but since he moved in to Primary, the opportunities to do so are non existent….I was really upset about it – as you say, it was a chance I had to connect with a community and I really loved it. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to my daughter moving in to Pre-primary at the school in August!


      • Hope you will get to volunteer then at your daughter’s school. I love our little grade school community. I find it amusing that my daughter’s friends think I work at our school because I’m there so often. Lol


      • iwillbloom says:

        Hia…yes, that’s what it used to be like for me when I used to go when my son was in Pre-Primary. I’ll definitely be doing it when my daughter arrives there in August (love it so much!)


  4. Angel Jem says:

    Good call. Every small action is a step, and if we all step together we can cause a Tsunami.


  5. Awesome. Really lovely. I accept the challenge, will for sure keep this in mind today 🙂


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