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Joining in with Five Minute Friday. This week’s word: share.



We all have gifts we should share, but sometimes we keep those gifts hidden, perhaps because we’re too shy, too lacking in confidence, to feel able to ‘put ourselves out there’.

What we must realise, however, is that our combination of talents and experience is unique to us; to hide these things away is to keep our beauty from the world.

Who knows what effects using your talents, building upon your experiences, might have in the world?

It’s worth a go, worth taking a deep breath and believing you can: we all know, from experience, that once you do, once you announce your intentions, through actions, you’ll find the world opening up for you in ways you couldn’t have imagined and wouldn’t have dared to dream.

Once you see the power of your belief, and your actions, you’ll want the world to continue opening up for you.

You gain confidence from seeing the effects of your brave acts (for sharing something that feels a little scary, a little awkward, is a very brave act).

You gain confidence from seeing that when you offer, when you ask, the world responds in kind, offering you things you wouldn’t have dared to ask for.

It’s a self-perpetuating cycle, reinforcing the fact that you should share your talents.

Don’t hide your talents away through fear.

You weren’t made to live with the dreaded ‘fear of not being good enough’. That’s for the weak, and you’re not weak.

You weren’t made to live knowing you could do more but not actually doing more. That kind of life is for the weak and you’re not weak.

You weren’t made to live in If Only Land. A life in If Only Land leads only to regrets.

You weren’t made to live with regrets. For regrets are for the weak.

You were made to live in a world that gets to see you, in all your glory,

You were made to live in a world that gets to feel the benefits you bring.

You were made to live in a world that you make, where things are of your choosing.

You were made to live in a world that you can’t wait to live fully in.

In that world you shine and everyone reaps the benefits you offer.

Don’t hide your talents away.

It’s selfish.

Have the vision to share them.

Be tremendously alive.



[Photo from Tim Mossholder at Unsplash].


18 thoughts on “FMF: share

  1. Colline says:

    Most definitely. It is easier as one gets more confident and begins to believe that any contribution you make is worthwhile. (visiting from FMF).


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Colline, thanks for popping over…..yes, it does get easier when one’s confidence levels increase, but even when you’re feeling confident, it can be hard still, at times….


  2. Barbara says:

    OK, so why did you go and make me cry??? Not the kind of “can’t stop crying”; but the kind that swells my throat and has tears filling my eyes – because your words hit home! I guess sometimes I DO hide my talents; I have become overwhelmed with so many word prompts and other weekly posts that I WANT to do – but am having trouble getting them done, and I am on the computer A LOT each day TRYING to get them done…but end up reading, looking for quotes, etc.

    Whatever…”Be tremendously alive. Always!” This is so true and I WILL BE ALIVE! ALWAYS!! And I will SHARE my talent – my writing and other talents (photography, scrapbooking, singing, and sharing!).

    Thank you for sharing your post on SHARE!

    P.S. I haven’t posted my FMF; I may do it today just to say I DID (today IS Friday afterall!!).


    • iwillbloom says:

      Barbara, this, my dear, is because you’re a perfectionist and you want all your posts to be perfect (which they are)….sorry I made you cry (insert ‘horrified’ blink!)….will look forward to your FMF post!


  3. Beautiful and inspiring words. Thank you for sharing


  4. blondeusk says:

    Amazing words! I need to act on these words now. Thx x


  5. kathavd says:

    Thanks for your words, really powerful thoughts! It’s so easy to just be stuck in “If Only Land”…Happy Friday to you!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thanks for your comment: so much appreciated! Yes, If Only Land is a deceptively comfortable place to be… the sirens calling the sailors of old….


  6. xoxlaurelei says:

    This is a beautiful, enthusiastic post…life-affirming in a brilliant shout-it-from-the-rooftops kind of way. A fabulous share! Thank you for stopping by my FMF post, and thank you for your kind, comforting words.


  7. Gabriele says:

    You make sharing sound noble, reaffirming, and imperative, which it is.


  8. Angel Jem says:

    Be tremendously alive… always!
    Love it.


  9. positiveadoption says:

    Thank you for this post. I guess we girls sometimes hide under a bushel, huh? Thinking we are not as good as the next gal. Not true. Each of us has a unique calling. Something to share in the way of gifts, talents and words! I am stepping out into some new stuff this year and did some stepping out the last half of 2014 and it was scary/good, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the encouragement!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Yeah, I think we’re conditioned, almost, to not show our talents (perhaps it’s a ‘womans’ thing, I don’t know?)….I’m so pleased to hear you’re taking steps in to new things and that it was good (the ‘scariness’ will, I’m sure, lessen as you see/feel all the benefits)….

      Liked by 1 person

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