Kindness Counts Friday

kindness counts

Goodness, Fridays come round quick! Time for another Kindness Counts Friday…[Kim’s original idea; I’m babysitting whilst she’s on a blog break]

Time to recount the kind acts we’ve engaged in, received or witnessed and for me to highlight some of the kindness related ‘things’ I’ve seen on my travels around Internet Land….

Kind acts we’ve engaged in/received:

– We went to the library one afternoon this week and my son got a little agitated (a little headache-y and thirsty). There’s a guard at the library who makes the most beautiful little works of art from origami and, seeing my son’s agitation, quickly made him a little something to cheer him up. It was a really kind gesture and the man looked so happy to offer it to my son. It made my heart leap (and definitely cheered my son up no end!)

– The guy we rent DVDs from is always really kind to the littles, always ready with a smile or a little gift for them. It was his birthday on Sunday and my daughter had the great idea of making some muffins and taking them across to him. Needless to say, they were very well received! [Amazing how a little bit of effort can have such a positive effect on another person!]

– My son has started his football classes again this week. They’re in a local University and the grounds around the football pitch are littered with huge quantities of rubbish [it never fails to amaze me how inconsiderate other people can be of shared environments]. A few of us Mums have been saying for a while that we should get our work clothes on and give the place a tidy up (it’s horrible that our young sons are playing in the middle of that “yuck”). So we made a promise that we’d turn up ready for litter picking on Wednesday and we did! Fifteen Mums set to work and we cleared that place up! One Mum had the idea of putting some signs up around the pitch, “Our sons play football here. Please take your rubbish with you”. Fingers crossed there’s decidedly less litter when we head there again on Monday.


Kind acts witnessed:

– I was travelling on the bus the other day and there was a disabled man on the bus, wanting to get off at the next stop. The bus driver failed to allow enough time for the man to get off safely, and he almost fell over as he was rushing to get out of the door. Another (giant of) a man rushed up to help, and to physically block the doors of the bus (which, actually, must have hurt him quite a bit). He then proceeded to ask the bus driver to, next time, consider his actions, arguing that, “It doesn’t matter that you might be a few minutes late, what matters it that you’ll be kind enough, next time, to realise when people need you to be kinder”. [I couldn’t have put it better myself].


Spied on my journeys around Internet Land:

This post from Lisa-Jo Baker made me cry happy, very happy tears. Lisa-Jo is, amongst other things, the lady who began Five Minute Friday (one of the highlights of my blogging week!) and the lady who single-handedly set up a campaign, via her blog, to raise funds for a community in South Africa. Thanks to her kindness, and the kindness of the readers who supported her idea, the community now has fresh water, a vegetable garden, a play ground and sports grounds and, I guess, a lot more hope and, most important of all, a lot more dignity because now they’re living a more dignified life[I can feel the itch of an idea coming to me, to do something similar in the future, via I Will Bloom…there’s so much need in the world].

– The singing nurse. [Have too many things to say about it that I find myself with literally no words].

This news piece about the security guard at Disneyland who asks little girls who are dressed as Princesses for their autographs: it’s so heart warming! [Imagine if many more people took the time to do sweet little things; the world would be a really different place].

– Charlotte’s Kindness Counts Friday post from last week (I will try to get the link-up sorted asap; banks can be over-zealous with fraud stops on cards for international transactions sometimes….”Ggggrrr”).

Some ideas, from Good Housekeeping, as to how you can incorporate kindness in to your daily life: there’s some great ideas!

– Alexandra Franzen’s piece about living with more empathy, ‘I wonder what kind of battle they’re fighting today?’

And, last but not least, love this:


Happy weekend, everyone! Hope it’s a good one. And for those of you who are facing troubles and worries, my thoughts are with you and my most loving, hopeful, energies are being sent right your way xxx

8 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday

  1. blondeusk says:

    I am going to be so kind today…I do have to have a scan which means I cannot eat for SIX hours so between 9am and 3pm my kindness will be on hold (I struggle without food). Post 3pm I will be ever so kind x


  2. Barbara says:

    Great kindnesses all around! Love these…and love that you are including those you see in action AND those you read online! I have a page in my “Blog notebook” that says “Kindness Counts Friday” – and there are NO dates listed; none have been posted…that’s because it’s one of the prompted posts I want to do…but so far haven’t done so! I WILL do eventually!

    Thanks for sharing your kindnesses – done, seen, and read!


  3. Such beauty and such goodness. We never hear enough about the good – just sensationalism of the bad. Thanks for these bits of good that will roll over into inspiration for so many of us doing some good. That ripple effect that will keep on giving.
    God bless dear Helen. xo


  4. Shauna841505 says:

    Your posts always give me goosebumps! I think you are such a kind person, if only everyone on this planet had even an ounce of the kindness you have! And I love witnessing other people’s kind acts, it’s such a pleasant surprise sometimes!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thank you for your comment! Totally agree: it’s such a pleasant surprise when you see someone doing something kind….sigh….if only it weren’t a surprise and was just kind of normal…..


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