Sunday ponderings

Another cornucopia (thanks Alexa!) of things I’ve found on my travels, that I thought you might like:

– I love the Urban Jungle blog and loved this little insight in to their blogging process and their video walk around Paris….if only cities were more committed to ‘greening’ (and what a wonderful collaborative process they have forged!)

– On a similar ‘green’ them, look at this! Tree drawings! Not drawings of trees, no! Drawings made by trees! Totally cool! Am off hunting, this weekend, for a suitably ‘artistically gifted’ tree 😉 There’s a particularly lovely weeping willow-type tree at the local park. How relaxing it must be to watch it ‘in action’!

This BBC article, ‘Back-up brains: the era of digital mortality?’ Fascinating!

– Look at this….a guy sets up a website – shipyourenemiesglitter – it goes viral. Less than a week later he sells it for US$85,000. Thoughts anyone?

20 pictures that will make you think! [I don’t normally like these ‘Lifehack’ type of posts but was sent this one twice this week, both times from two long-standing colleagues]

– Love any photo The Sartorialist takes but could these ones be any more sumptuous?!

– Loved this post – entitled 10 useful tips on how to survive being married to a blogger – from Lucy at Blonde, Write More! (a fellow NaNoWriMo-er). I don’t have a significant other but I laughed a lot at some of her points (we all manifest some of them some of the time! Bloggers are a funny but lovely bunch!).

– Loved, also, this blog post from Zoe – entitled Creative Momentum – an ode to the power of daily exercising of the creative muscle

– Always good to come upon reminders of how truly and amazingly beautiful our world is! Sorvagsvatn: a lake over the ocean!

– Last but not least, this beauty of a quote:


Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday and here’s to a great week! [The last one of January….just saying!]


12 thoughts on “Sunday ponderings

  1. Zoe Rose says:

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂 have a super sunday x


  2. blondeusk says:

    Loving the mention 🙂 thx


  3. Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing! Loved the “tree drawings”…they were amazing! Would not have thought of doing that!! Of course, I am not an artist (drawing, painting, etc.)…

    Have a Blessed Day!


  4. Love all of your ponderings of this & that. Especially fascinated by brain back-up article. However not sure if I think it’d be a positive or negative? There are many ways it’d be wonderful like for a child that loses a parent young and then it would be like they still get to know them. It would show true memories – not affected by the mistakes a person can make in sharing what they remember. But it talked about it being something others could interact with like it was that person. I would be concerned that in some ways it may be harder for a loved one to fully accept that person’s death & move on if they’re still pseudo interacting with them? Truly fascinating topic to think about.
    Thanks for delicious food for thought as always. Xoxo


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Carrie…I found it really fascinating, too, but the implications are really quite complex…..ethically, legally….its a minefield….and, actually, I don’t think I’d like to view something so personal as someone else’s memories (however much I wish I could access any part of the memory of the people close to me who I’ve lost).


  5. Fun post! I enjoyed the tree drawings and your quote at the end. Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. alexa says:

    So many lovely links and thoughts here! You are a great Finder Of Interesting Things. I have copied out the Heschel quote :).


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