Project 52 – 3/52 and 4/52

Time for my Project 52 photos, a project I’m doing with Chelsea of Hollands Reverie.

I promised myself I’d get two portrait shots for this post, but I failed spectacularly. I’m such a chicken! [I’m still a little scared of going up to someone I don’t know and asking to take their picture and the shots I got, taking photos from the back or the side or whatever just didn’t work….next time, next time!]

So, here are the two shots I got for Devotion (3/52) and Play (4/52):



[Devotion to my work]



[Play: four favourite toys, keeping each other company]

If you’re on Instagram, check out Chelsea’s post here (she lists some of her favourite Instagrammers and all them worth checking out); her Project 52 post is here.

[My ‘Week of self-care: meditation‘ post will be up later today!]


6 thoughts on “Project 52 – 3/52 and 4/52

  1. Lizelle says:

    Lovely shotS 🙂


  2. Barbara says:

    Love the favorite toys keeping each other company! I have a “collection” of stuffed animals I keep here for the grandchildren to play with when they come; some of them are MY “toys” – Turtles of every kind, shape, size; that is MY collection!!

    Also love the stack of books – your work – AND the mug!! Reminder of home!!!

    Thanks for sharing your photos! My camera needs a new battery and since I purchased ink for my printer this payday, that will wait until the next one!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Barbara….thanks for your comment! I was so happy when I walked over to the living room, having just dropped my daughter at school: she’d obviously taken such care to make sure they were all cuddled up and together! [I didn’t know you liked turtles?!]…


  3. chelsea says:

    They are beautiful! Capturing the everyday in this way is so special, and something I’m hoping to really push myself in more. It’s easier for me to set up some kind of shoot type setting then to capture the real. Well done!


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