Kindness Counts Friday: 30/01

kindness counts

Friday! Kindness Counts Friday! [I’m holding fort for Kim whilst she’s on a blog break…]

Time to recount all the acts of kindness we’ve engaged in or received, any kind acts witnessed and to link up to any posts about kindness that I’ve seen on my travels around t’internet.

Here goes!

Kind acts engaged in/kindness received:

– We went through my daughter’s wardrobe and donated lots of things to a lady at my son’s school….her son-in-law died a while ago, leaving her daughter with two children and not enough income to give them ‘extras’ (clothes, toys etc). She was really happy to receive a bag of clothes, some toys and some hairbands and colouring things.

– I’ve been helping the man near me who’s trying to ‘prettify’ the road we live on. Its looking quite lovely. He was particularly grateful for the company this week as his son has been in an accident and he’s been feeling a bit lost. We had a lovely conversation and got a lot of weeding done!

– The porter in our building was looking a bit thin again and it turns out he’s not been bringing lunch to work. Needless to say, my son tootled off downstairs to give him lunch, from our home, every day he was here at lunchtime. My Dad always used to say, “Where you can feed two you can feed three, where you can feed three, you can feed four….”.

Kind acts witnessed:

– I actually haven’t been out much this week, so no kind acts witnessed….back to ‘regular service’ for this part next week!

Kindness posts:

What are you capable of giving? from Alexandra Franzen. She writes, “‘Other people’ are not your competitors and they are not your concern. Your only concern is what you can give. You. Right now. What are you capable of giving today? I guarantee: it’s more than you think”. Loved it. A great reminder that we should turn our focus in to ourselves, and from there, ask ourselves what we can give (to ourselves and to others).

– Finding this site, and reading the story behind the work left me completely awe-struck. Britney Gengel (and many others who were part of the same project) died in the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010; her parents set up a charity in her honour, to fulfil one of her dreams, which was to build an orphanage in Haiti. Incredibly moving.

– 100 kind acts in 100 minutes [Really brings home just how many opportunities exist for bringing more kindness in to the world]:

– Last but not least, I’ve had this ringing in my ears all week:


Spread some kindness, ladies: you’ll never know what effect that kindness might have on someone’s life!


6 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday: 30/01

  1. Here’s one…kindness and care from dogs.

    I was more ill than usual the other day, and still trying to get some metalwork done, so one of my service dogs – a red heeler – got up on her hind legs, leaned on me, and gently started pushing me away from the workbench.

    OK, I thought, I have some work I can do on the drill press.

    Uh, no. My other service dog – a BIG Pit Bull – got between me and the drill press, and gently pushed me away.

    You don’t argue with Sylvia.

    So I took their advice, and took a break…and within a few minutes was very ill indeed, and passed out while trying to watch part of a DVD.

    They knew.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Oh Andrew, yes, I’ve had similar experiences with dogs….if only we humans could harness the power of this sixth (and perhaps seventh?) sense(s) that they seem to have!


  2. Sian says:

    You’ve missed out a big one. But I think you know that. Just also know how very much it has been appreciated. I’ll never forget.


  3. Rachel G says:

    I really like what your dad said about feeding 2, 3, or 4. That’s worth remembering, for sure. And I love the prettier road project you’ve been working on–that’s a blessing to every single person who has to use that street! I’ve been seeing so much kindness lately in my few weeks in Malaysia–mostly performed by people who would be terribly embarrassed if the kind things they did were ever mentioned to anyone–but I agree with you that to some extent, we should talk about the kind things we’ve seen, to create a culture where kindness is more of a norm than an exception.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Rachel…I admit I always feel really uncomfortable posting the KCF posts where I highlight all the kind things we’ve done – as if I’m offering myself up as some sort of paragon of virtue or something – but, as you say, I feel it’s really important to at least talk about these things in terms of participating, somehow, as you say, in slowly slowly slowly changing the prevailing culture.


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