Five Minute Friday: Wait

Joining in with Five Minute Friday: this week’s word Wait.

My starting point: “Nature doesn’t hurry yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu.



Nature does not rush yet everything she produces arrives perfectly on time, in perfect synchronicity. Man’s desire to control the power of Nature shocks me every time I enter a supermarket: whatever happened to seasonal produce? Daffodils and cherries in December?!

We think we can force even Nature, bend Nature to our will, but some things – like Nature, like time – march on to their own unalterable and inexorable beat.

Yet we, as humans, don’t realise this (most of the time). We rush, we ‘busy’ ourselves, we run through our days, always with the next thing in mind – the evening meal, the shopping list, the summer holiday….next, next, next….always

the. next. thing.

the. next. thing.

the. next. thing.

Failing, largely, to stop and appreciate now. Not next. Now. We really only have now (“It’s a gift, that’s why it’s called the present” the Hallmark cards say, so tritely but so wisely). Our now is our existence. We never know how many more opportunities we might have to appreciate our now and our now is never the same twice anyway. Yet we do all we can to squash the power of now by failing, consistently, to recognise it’s splendour.

I rush, I realise I’m rushing. I slow down. I calm down. I feel calmer. I look around. I see the world. I hear the world, sounds appearing that I don’t normally even register. I taste the world. I feel the world around me, the breeze against my skin. A welcome caress, a hand on my shoulder whispering ‘…all’s OK, all’s OK’. I slow down and the world opens to me through all my senses. Time slows. A symphony of the senses. A moment feels a lot longer, the infinite is hinted. Restores me. Refreshes me. Revives me. I’m ready to go again. Faster. Dizzier….

Time to slow down….

A repetitive cycle of me, trying to beat Nature, trying to beat what my body tells me I need and should be doing. Just like we see the negative effects when we try to change Nature on scales writ large, me, I, trying to go faster than I should be at this point in my life, its counter-productive. A whole lot of wasted energy. Listen, Helen, listen. When your body speaks, listen to it, it’s trying to tell you something. Listen to the whispers. When your mind speaks to you, be it a dream or a literal little whisper coming from deep within, or a small but acute vision of something, listen. Don’t try to fight it.

Nature – the natural world, your own true nature – does not rush, it does not hurry, it alone knows it’s ways and knows its time.

Why fight it?

Why worry?

Savour, instead.

Sheer, awesome beauty.


[I’ve been discussing techniques for self-care this week: Introduction; Quiet Time; Journalling; Self-ReflectionMeditation. Mindfulness and a concluding post will follow tomorrow and Sunday – pop on over and take a look!]


27 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Wait

  1. joanneviola says:

    So very true…we rush to the next thing. And in the rush, we miss. May I do more waiting this weekend 🙂 Glad to be your neighbor at #fmfparty!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thanks for your comment, Joanna…’s to a weekend of stopping, looking and waiting…..[Our Mums were so right when they asked us to ‘Stop. Look. Wait’ as we were crossing the road!]


  2. Barbara says:

    Beautiful, Helen! I am guilty of the hurry ups! I TRY (or think I am trying) to wait and be patient; to slow down and enjoy the beauty around me – there is sooooo much of it that we need to STOP and enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing! And – slow down and enjoy your weekend!!


  3. Gabriele says:

    My thoughts sound like your thoughts Thank-you for chiming in on the waiting mindfully idea.


  4. poetry joy says:

    Beautiful post, Helen! I love it all, but these words spoke to me in particular: “I slow down and the world opens to me through all my senses. Time slows. A symphony of the senses. A moment feels a lot longer, the infinite is hinted.” Amen! God has been teaching me exactly this over the last few years. To enjoy my naturally slowed-down life, to savour the season I am in, to rest in His grace, and to learn to listen well to Him. There is a lot of wisdom in pausing to be more mindful of His presence. May you be blessed by your discoveries. 🙂 x


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thanks for your comment, Joy, it meant so much. I’m glad you like that line (it was one of those that came out by itself, in that strange way that sentences are wont to do when writing!)….I’m glad to hear you’re on this path, too (forced circumstances made the very best of)….thank you xx


  5. Anita Ojeda says:

    I love how the intricate design, beauty and synchronicity of nature always lead me to the Creator. I find that the more time I spend with him, the more I can slow down and appreciate the world around me.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Anita…I love that you make that connection and it leads you there. Indeed, the more time I spend in Nature, definitely the more I appreciate everything around me…


  6. Colline says:

    We do need to “stop and smell the roses”. If we do, Nature can heal us of many of our daily stresses.


  7. blondeusk says:

    Great post I Will Bloom 🙂


  8. Ruth says:

    Yes, I find life goes more smoothly if I slow and don’t fuss and flap in a rush. Great post, thank you!


  9. Marie says:

    Good reminder here! God often uses things like flowers to speak to me. Roses don’t try to be anything other than roses and they bloom when they’re supposed to. No rush and no dragging their feet. They just are as God created them to be.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Marie: in absolute agreement, in Nature things just are…as the saying goes, flowers don’t compete against each other, they just bloom!


  10. Carrie Ann says:

    So much of this post I can relate to. I have been reading different things about living in the moment, and really wish I could fully do that, but I think I am just “waiting” until circumstances change, or things slow down, so that I can fully live in the moment. But I know I must live in the moment first, and enjoy the things around me…nature…everything. I need to just wait for the. next. thing. and not pursue it, and enjoy the here and now in my wait. Got me thinking on this one!! 🙂


  11. Mary Geisen says:

    May we all savor each moment and slow down enough to listen to all that God wishes to whisper to each of us. Blessings!


  12. Angel Jem says:

    What is this world if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

    Wish I could say that was my thought, but it’s from a poem called Leisure by William Henry Davis.


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