A week of self-care: final thoughts


I began the week of self-care talking about how we need time alone, free of distractions, to be able to reflect on our selves and our lives and to identify, define and refine our own thoughts (see here). This alone time is important in order to keep our emotional well-being high.

Unfortunately, the modern world – with all it’s distractions – seems to keep us away from reflecting on our selves and our own lives. This can, in the long term, lead to a fear of connecting with self and, therefore, to a grave disconnect from our selves.

All sorts of worries and woes can be traced back to low emotional well-being, many of which, if left unchecked, can lead to physical manifestations of this inner lack of tranquility.

I recommended five techniques that I use to ‘calm the beast’ that this busy-ness causes: Quiet Time, Journalling, Self-reflection, Meditation and Mindfulness.

I’d like to end the series by saying that unless we take the time to do this ‘inner work’, we’ll never get to know our true selves and will never be able to harness the power of our true selves.

Without dedication to this inner work, it’s easy to forget our gifts, or – worse – let ourselves be convinced that we don’t have any special gifts.

By facing ourselves and increasing our emotional fitness, through this ‘inner work’, we begin to realise our power and, as a consequence, experience shifts in confidence levels, fear levels, self esteem, our capacity to experience positive emotions such as joy, happiness, contentment and our experiencing of – and tendency to react from – negative emotions.

The relationship that matters most is your relationship with yourself: we can’t offer anything of value to anyone else if we’re not ‘running at full steam’ ourselves.

Feeling ‘bbllluuurgggh’ somewhere deep down?

Do the work.

Look inside.

Face yourself.

You’ll find a whole world of possibilities and your life will open up beyond all expectations.

I promise.


2 thoughts on “A week of self-care: final thoughts

  1. This has been a wonderful series. Thank you for writing it!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Andrew, I really enjoyed writing it and plan on expanding it a little to turn it in to an eBook to give away from I Will Bloom….(I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on it so am excited to expand it slightly). Thank you!


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