Fab-ruary: Day 1 – Inspirational quotes


First a bit of ‘context’ for the Fab-ruary challenge…

I’m a great believer in two things: 1) seeing the best in people and 2) encouraging people. I’ve been on an unexpected (and entirely horrific and terrifying) journey in my life over the last eighteen months or so and these two beliefs have only got stronger since all of that journey began.

I’ve touched lows no-one should ever have to experience, dug the depths of my soul trying to find a way out and feel I’m in a ‘much better place’ now (as they say). My wounds have shaped me for the better. I’m blooming. I’m determined. I believe.

I wanted to take all of these negative experiences and the experiences I’ve had during my healing process to do something positive.

It occurred to me around December time (as I decided on my guiding word for the year – best) that I could offer a month-long set of prompts that people can join in with as and when they want, however they want (blogging/v-logging/journalling).

I wanted the prompts to help you ‘find the fab’ because, you know what?

…life is a miracle. It’s fabulous. Everywhere you look it’s beautiful.

But we forget that.

We get ground down by daily life and we forget we are a miracle and that life is a miracle.

So, in the month of ‘love’ and on the back of my ‘Self-care series‘, I wanted to offer a series of prompts to encourage people to love themselves that little bit more. After all, we can’t appreciate all of life’s miracles if we’re not happy and we’re not happy if we’re not finding and feeling the fab!

As my blog friend Jo said, about the prompts, “They appeal…to the part of me that knows happiness comes from recognising what makes me happy”. [Words that made me cry happy tears when I saw them – thanks Jo!].

So….introduction over…I hope those of you who can join in will – whenever you can – and I really hope that if you do join in, the prompts (here) help you to remember what makes you happy, how great you are and, as a result, how amazing life really is.

Here goes with my response to the first prompt:

I am a great admirer of Eleanor Roosevelt.

At some point in my life – early twenties – I got bitten by the ‘entrepreneurship’ bug and decided to set up a business. It was scary but exhilarating. I didn’t know anyone my age who’d ever done this and was fighting a wall of “you shouldn’t” from many friends and most family. It was a difficult time, not because I doubted my vision or abilities but because of the reaction of everyone around me.

They made me doubt myself and I didn’t like that.

I was reading one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s books one night and this quote jumped out at me:


It reinforced the fact that I should be running with my idea, in the face of everyone else’s worry, and gave me the strength I needed to run with the idea. I almost felt it had been placed in front of me as confirmation that I should be doing what I wanted to do – not despite but because of the resistance. Her words were so very comforting.

I kept this quote in my purse for well over a decade, as I lived the ups, down, perils and joys of small business ownership. I moved it out of my purse a few years ago (I don’t remember exactly why) and then, around a year ago, at the height of my personal troubles, I heard the quote calling to me. I wrote it, again, on a piece of paper and it’s there now, in my purse. A constant, comforting, companion.

Telling me I can do this. That I not only can but will manage to raise my two children as a single Mama and re-build my business from the ashes. That I will fulfil the ‘big dreams’ I have for my life.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do”.

It’s held me by the hand as I’ve jumped in to the unknown many, many times and it’s always confirmed that I’m my own parachute.

When I do what I think I can’t do, I prove to myself, again and again, that I’m made of stern stuff and that – as another saying goes – fortune favours the brave. 

Thanks, Eleanor.

Your words literally had the power to shape my life.

Don’t anyone ever tell me words mean nothing.


[If you’re a quote lover like me, do go and check out these three posts from Wild Hearts + Green Tea (a wonderful blog): 3 quotes that changed me – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3].


If you’re joining in with Fab-ruary, please link-up your post so we can all read it! I look forward to it!


19 thoughts on “Fab-ruary: Day 1 – Inspirational quotes

  1. My all-time favourite inspirational quote comes from…wait for it…Keith Richards.

    “If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you may as well use both feet.”



  2. Liane says:

    I love that quote and your story behind it is powerful 🙂


  3. Sian says:

    This is going to be compelling reading


  4. Angel Jem says:

    She is such a cool woman! We’ve been watching the Roosevelts series by Ken Burns and … wow. She really hits you as a person held back by the times she was born but who got out of the system and became her own person. Love it.

    My post is up (and thank you for quoting me, it makes me feel sometimes I can actually string a coherent sentence together) and you can find it here;

    Good luck with the rest of the month!


    • Angel Jem says:

      PS…. love Mr Andrew’s quote. Keith Richards, eh? If I ever need to kick authority in the teeth, I SHALL use both feet! Kick ass quote, Mr Andrew!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Jo…yes, that’s always my feeling about her, that she was born before her time. I’m also amazed by how prolific she was, across so many areas. I’ll add your post in to the link-y thingy and am off to read now! Helen


  5. I love the quote you chose and all it represents to you Helen! I’m so glad you have it back in your purse as that constant reminder whenever you need it. Thanks for hosting such a great idea!! xoxo


  6. Barbara says:

    Love it! I know what quote I will blog about – I think! But, I’m not sure my brain is awake enough to get it done today…just came home about an hour ago after LATE nights and EARLY mornings at a scrapbooking weekend…not sure I’m even with it enough to check e-mails and Facebook; but that’s what I’m trying to do before I settle down to relax…but, relax won’t happen until the Super Bowl is OVER…not into it tonight!!!


    • Barbara says:

      As I said…I wasn’t done writing!!! I am excited to follow along with the Fab-ruary challenge and will try to get mine posted tonight!!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Barbara….however many you can, whenever you can – ENJOY the Super Bowl (or perhaps it already happened? Excuse my ignorance….!)


      • Barbara says:

        No ignorance, Helen!! The Super bowl just ended with New England Patriots winning by 4 points…I wasn’t completely into it; stayed on the computer until I got ready for bed and had a bit to eat. Headed to bed very soon; but wanted to get this posted so I can focus on Groundhog Day tomorrow, Fab-ruary 2nd!!

        See ya later!!


      • iwillbloom says:

        Happy Ground Hog Day! [It’s a national holiday, yes? I wondered why the Super Bowl was so late on a Sunday!]


  7. She is a wise, wise woman. Very quotable too! One from her that I loved (especially in high school): “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

    Love this link up idea 🙂


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