Fab-ruary: Day 2 – Postcard from an ideal life

Day 2 of Fab-ruary (prompts here: any and all of you who are able to join in are welcome, for however many prompts are convenient! If you do link up, make sure you hop around the other ladies who’ve linked up too, so we can get some community feeling going!)


I decided to write a postcard from my ’70 something’ year old self. Here goes:

“I’m sitting here with my family all around. We’ve cooked, eaten, told the stories we always tell, laughed at the same old, comfortable, jokes. Moments of pure joy, all of us here, sharing deeply of each other. I saw them both develop in to fine individuals, each on their own path, their gifts guiding them onwards. The struggles were worth it, the dark days only making the joyful ones that much brighter. It’s been a good life, a very good life. Strength regained showing me the way, again. Lessons learned, enriching my days, broadening my horizons. A life bravely lived through all its twists and turns. Always have hope, my friend, always have hope”.


10 thoughts on “Fab-ruary: Day 2 – Postcard from an ideal life

  1. Chelsea says:

    You are one amazing gal and brave and strong, yet so much more- your sweet kiddos are so blessed to have you and I have absolutely no doubts that you will get they this spot to see every bit of this. Love the idea too!



  2. My postcard from an ideal day would pretty well describe most days. Up at 0430 or 0500, take care of the dogs, breakfast if I can stand it, write, take care of the dogs…and so on until 2330 or so.

    One of my strong feelings is that if one’s bucket list doesn’t look like one’s life, there’s a big problem somewhere.


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Andrew, yes, I have that feeling too but, unfortunately, am unable to make a start on physically doing my ‘bucket list things’, so I’m enjoying the preparation (mental and financial!)….!


      • Actually, what I meant was that the special and magical are present in life…these are what fill up the bucket.

        I won’t miss not seeing the Grand Canyon again, but I do miss my old Black Lab, Bernard, who died last week. I would trade all the scenery, all the adventure, all the museums (even the Tate!) for one more minute with him.


      • iwillbloom says:

        I know how you feel…..


    • Barbara says:

      Andrew, I also have a “bucket list” that will probably not be fulfilled; but the times I spend with my family and friends will make up for ALL of those items that don’t get checked off. Life is FULL of FUN that may not look like anything special; but holding my 6 month old granddaughter and rocking her to sleep – PRICELESS!

      I can’t feel your pain; but I can share your pain with prayers and take the journey with you through your blog and your comments…you have a wonderful “voice” through your writing and I appreciate your words!


  3. Barbara says:

    It’s hard to think what my postcard would say…I’m still thinking on it – my brain is still tired from the weekend, but my body has gotten the rest it needed; just still achy from sitting, standing, walking, leaning over projects…

    As usual, I love to read your heart, Helen; and to see how you are coming through your “FAB” self! You WILL survive and you WILL be the mummy your litles need, want and DESERVE! And you WILL FIND YOU!!

    Thanks for sharing; have a “FAB” week!!


  4. Angel Jem says:

    Once again, Mr Andrew hits a good spot; one’s life is one’s bucket list. I love how your postcard from the future mentions nothing about riches or rewards, but is about food, family, community and…. above all, always above all…. love.

    My postcard can be seen here;


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