Fab-ruary: Day 3 – Excitement for things

Day 3 of Fab-ruary: a month-long series of prompts aimed at ‘finding the fab’ (prompts here). [Feel free to join in as many (or as few!) as you’re able. If you do link up, make sure you hop around the other ladies who’ve linked up too, so we can make sure we get a good ‘community feeling’ going].


What am I excited about? Getting back to my ‘normal’ life, where I can do the things I like to do: jumble sales, walks in the park in Autumn, being in bookshops…a million little things that, when taken all together, actually aren’t so little at all.

In the meantime, I’m biding my time, finding things to get excited about:

– Hopefully being able to join Marie Forleo’s B-School this year.

– Turning my ‘Week of self care’ series in to an eBook.

– Finishing the edit of the book I wrote in November for NaNoWriMo.

– Putting the finishing touches to the website for my business (Phoenix, I feel your feathers on my shoulders as I feel you rising!).

– Planning a holiday for Easter week with the littles.

– Making a new-to-us cake this week.

– My run tomorrow.

– Watching Birdman in the cinema on Saturday again (Wow! What a film!).

– Waiting to see what my blog friend Julie has up her sleeve when she mentioned a ‘reading related’ regular feature on her blog Notes on Paper

– Waiting for a package to arrive from Amazon housing the Homeland Season 2 DVDs (for moi) and Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide (from the Spiderwick Chronicles) for my son (he’s going to go absolutely batty when he sees it!!) [an Amazon landing always makes for quite the hullaballoo in these parts, where bookstores are few and far between and English books are even fewer and even farther between!].

– Waiting to see my littlest little one (who’s 5) give a presentation at her nursery next week, all about cars. She’s so excited, it’s unbelievable! [I’m psyching myself up not to cry but who am I kidding?!]

After having sat here, stumped, as to what I’m excited about, I realise I do have lots to be excited about! A little quiet time to think and to reflect and my day just went from potentially “Bblluurrrgh” to “Wow! Let’s get this party started!”…a shift in perspective is always a good thing!

[A bit of admin: You can link up your posts using the tool below; for some reason, whatever I do, it’s not letting me set up a new link for each day. Please just add your link anyway! Sorry! I am trying to figure out what’s wrong (and also why it won’t show the thumbnails on this page?!) I’ve never met a more user-unfriendly piece of software than this one!]


14 thoughts on “Fab-ruary: Day 3 – Excitement for things

  1. Liane says:

    How exciting to be making an e-book! You have a lot of exciting things to look forward too!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hia Liane…it’s something I need to know how to do so am going to tackle it with this series (seems to make sense)….I think I’ll be offering it for subscribers when I switch over to iwillbloom.com……loved your post today!!!


  2. Colline says:

    You definitely have a lot to be excited about 🙂


  3. Chelsea says:

    Lots of good stuff! I have yet to watch homeland, but I’ve heard only good. My kiddos love the spider wick chronicles even if it does scare them a bit, I think we’ve only read they the third book though. Good luck at the nursery program- I cry at everything so I’m no help!



    • iwillbloom says:

      It’s a brilliant series, isn’t it? My son is totally obsessed with it: not only reading but freeze-framing the film to draw all the characters! He’s going to be so, so thrilled when he sees the book!!


  4. Barbara says:

    Yes, Helen…it would seem you DO have a lot to be excited about! As usual, I am still contemplating mine and will get it posted in a short while…

    I’m with you – I cry at school programs and so many things that my “children” and grandchildren do (or say, etc.); and you know I use examples in many of my posts!

    Thanks for sharing – loving this series for Fab-ruary; excited about your e-book and any other books you write – I’ll keep that info in mind and will certainly purchase when completed!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Barbara…look forward to seeing your post! You have such a special way of writing….[the eBook will be free: I really just want to know how to do it, for future projects, and that seemed like a sensible place to start, given that most of the text is already there!] xxx


  5. Wow Helen – you have truly exciting things in the works: from writing books, ebooks and even a business venture!! Best of luck on all of it to a truly wonderful and deserving Lady. God bless and thanks for the fun FAb-ruary!! xoxo


  6. Angel Jem says:

    Good list. Plenty of excitement there, then!


    • iwillbloom says:

      You know, it wasn’t until I sat down and really had to think about it that I thought of all those things! And then I was like, ‘Whoa!’ !!! [She writes, so eloquently ;)]


  7. Sian says:

    This made me smile! I always say that the best bit of a magazine is the page which tells you what is coming next month. Like you, I like a little something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be big. Enjoy looking forward!


    • iwillbloom says:

      Hi Sian, I love that bit of magazines too! [And, yep, it’s so important to have something to look forward to – something I’m beginning to re-learn]


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