Kindness Counts Friday: 06/02

kindness counts

It’s Kindness Counts Friday! [I’m baby-sitting for Kim]. Time to recount the kind acts we’ve engaged in, received or witnessed and for me to highlight some of the kindness related ‘things’ I’ve seen on my travels around Internet Land….

[Quite a busy week this week so less ‘things’ than usual…normal service will be resumed next week!]

Kind acts engaged in/received:

– Baby sitting one of my son’s friends whilst his Mum headed off to the clinic with a family emergency

– My son who, having read about RAKs (from a post on Pinterest – he’s quite the little Pinterest-er too!), decided he wanted to write some little notes of encouragement. He spent an age writing them, drawing special pictures and folding them in to origami shapes. He popped them all in a little bag and then I didn’t see them again. Until a few days later when we headed out to the shopping centre close to our home. I could see he was a little bit nervous about handing them out so I suggested we try to find places to leave them so people could find them. We had quite the adventure, all of us, seeking places to leave them and dotting them all around. They were both positively glowing by the end of it, imagining all sorts of heroic stories about how the note might have helped someone. The walk home has never been shorter, filled, as it was, with tales of people being saved from Deep Sadness, of a woman who, feeling she couldn’t tell the man she loved that she loved him, found the note, promptly told him she loved him and now they have two babies (yep….that one was from my daughter! She loves babies!)….Who knows? A little bit of imagination and kindness from my son might equal a turning point in someone’s life….as the saying goes, you never know what effects a small act of kindness might have.

Kind acts witnessed:

– All the kind comments that all my readers leave! They’re one of the highlights of my day and you’re all so kind!

Kindness-related posts from Internet Land: 

– This post from Liz at Simply Complex Mum in which she describes her daughter’s first trip to their local food pantry. Liz always writes beautifully but this post is something else! [Thanks, Liz!]

This post about a kind act that allowed a man to continue his daily tribute to his wife who passed away and this post about a man who gave his Kindle away. I’m glad they made the news but, at the same time, I’m kind of sad they made the news: shouldn’t these things really be normal, every day, behaviours? Imagine how very different the world would be if they were….

This….just beautiful….my writer’s mind is in overdrive at the stories in that one…

– Lindsay Ross’s post Fear not to do good.

And that’s it for this week…do good, my friends, do good….be kind when you can and be quiet when you’re not feeling kind 😉


3 thoughts on “Kindness Counts Friday: 06/02

  1. Barbara says:

    What a blessing that son of your will be to those who find those notes! And, your daughter’s imagination (and love of babies!) is so sweet!! I also love that last sentence: “Be kind when you can and be quiet when you’re not feeling kind.” So true…I am learning – God is working in me – to be kind, especially to my husband! I find it easier some days than others…but am learning.

    I have a few kindnesses to share; so I will get that post done today…thank you again for sharing!


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